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Bail Schedule California

What is a Bail Schedule?

The purpose of this Bail Schedule California is to fix an amount upon which a person who
is arrested without a warrant may be released from custody prior to appearance in
court. At and after a defendant’s first appearance, pursuant to Penal Code section
1269b(b), the amount of bail, if any is allowed, shall lie with the sound discretion of
the judicial officer before whom the defendant appeared, and may be greater or less
than the amount set forth in this schedule, subject to the provisions of Penal Code
section 1275. This schedule may also be used by a magistrate in fixing bail pursuant
to Penal Code section 815a at the time an arrest warrant is issued, the amount of
which lies with the sound discretion of the magistrate.

Bail Schedule California varies per county.

What to look up a bail schedule for a particular county, click here: Bail Schedule