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Drug Possession Bail Bonds in Murrieta

Carrying illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin, no matter the quantity, can have serious repercussions. If law enforcement determines that you intended to distribute, manufacture or traffic illegal drugs, it could mean a long time in county jail or even state prison as drug possession is considered a felony in California.

Facing Wrongful Arrest

When you or someone you love were found to be in possession of drugs belonging to another person, or you were completely unaware of the existence of the drugs and had them by mistake, you will be arrested nonetheless. If this is your situation, don’t worry. There are plenty of options available to you.

What to Do in the Event of an Arrest

First and foremost, contact your local licensed bondsman at Fausto’s Bail Bonds. We will walk you through your options and help you determine the best course of action to quickly bail you or your loved one out. Upon being bailed out, court dates will proceed and you will have the opportunity to get a lawyer.

Types of Possession Charges

If drugs were possessed with bad intentions, this could mean a prison sentence and a felony on your permanent record. In California, laws surrounding drug possession differ depending on the kind of drug, the quantity possessed and the place in which the felony occurred. A person found in possession of small amounts of a drug, law enforcement may call this “simple possession.” If you’re found in possession of large quantities, you could be charged for “presumed possession” with intent to distribute which is punished much more harshly.

Here to Help

Criminal charges of this sort can take a toll on you and your family. Fausto’s Bail Bonds is here to answer all of your questions regarding the bail bonds process and provide rapid service so you can get back to life as soon as possible.