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How to Bail Someone out of Jail


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In most cases, if you have been charged with an offense, you have the chance to be released on bail. In California, the right to a reasonable bail is protected by both the California Constitution and the California Penal Code (California Constitution Article 1, Section 12(c); California Penal Code section 1275.) It is very important you call Fausto’s Bail Bonds if you or a loved one has been arrested. Our experienced California criminal lawyers explain to you how to bail someone out jail in California under Penal Code 1275 PC.

Fausto’s Bail Bonds will explain how to bail someone out of jail in California pursuant to California Penal Code 1275 PC. Please call our offices at (951) 445-4455 to receive our immediate assistance.
We will explain how to bail someone out of jail in California pursuant to Penal Code 1275 PC. Call us today to receive our immediate assistance.

In California, there are three ways that you can post bail if you’re accused of a crime:

Cash (California Penal Code – Section 1269)
Bail bond (California Penal Code – Section 1276)
Property bond (California Penal Code – Section 1276.5).

The court will consider two general factors at the bail hearing: the danger to the public if you are granted bail, and the likelihood you will appear in court. When determining the amount of bail, the court will consider the safety of the victim and your criminal record.