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Probation Violation

Penal Code section PC 1203.2

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Probation violations bail amounts can vary greatly by situation and locale. These amounts vary by locale simply because California allows each individual county to set forth their own bail amounts. In Los Angeles County, for instance, a person will face a $10,000 bail amount for violating the terms of their probation. In Orange County, however, this amount jumps up to $15,000 for misdemeanors.
These figures, as mentioned, may also change within a specific county. A person on felony probation in Orange County, for instance, will not be granted any bail. In Sacramento County, on the other hand, an individual rearrested for violating felony probation will face a $20,000 bail amount. A violation of misdemeanor probation in the same county, however, will only result in a $10,000 bail amount.
These amounts of cash can be excessively difficult for an individual to come up with, and this is especially true if they’ve been consistently paying probation fees. We can provide discounts and payment plans which can make it much easier for a person to secure their own release.
probation violation