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Don’t go to jail for outstanding bench warrants!

How to Use Bail Bonds To Resolve Active Bench Warrants

Stop worrying about that bench warrant issued in your case.
Now is the time to take care and resolve outstanding bench warrants through Fausto’s Bail Bonds once and for all. So who do you call to promptly help you resolve this situation? The answer: call Fausto’s Bail Bonds and we will get your warrant recalled!
Fausto’s Bail Bonds can post a bond for you in any county we service. When you post a bond on a bench warrant, a new court date will be set and your warrant will be recalled.
We will post a bail bond, secure a court date, and clear the warrant. This allows you to continue working and living your life without the fear of going to jail at any given moment.
Recalling a warrant is relatively painless and does not require you to spend any time in an uncomfortable jail cell.
There are many benefits to posting bail on a warrant. In the eyes of the court, you appear responsible and proactive. For yourself, you are in control instead of being a victim of circumstance and timing. Finally, the process is easy and painless enough that you can’t afford not to follow through.