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Why Find an Answering Service For Your Bail Bond Company

Trouble can come at any time, and many people face arrests when they least expect it. During difficult times, it is good to know that some decent people in the community are willing to help. After an arrest and placement in custody, the first person that most people call is the bail bondsman. Clients need the assurance that they can count on your company whenever they face an arrest for drug-related crimes, DUI, or any other criminal offense. Your phone lines should always be open not only during the day but also at night. After all, most arrests happen at night.

You may not be available at all times to answer the phone. However, by working with a reliable bail bond company answering company, you will never miss your clients’ calls. Some of the benefits of a phone answering service  are:

More Clients Will be Loyal to Your Bail Bonds Company

When the police arrest a suspect for a crime, they take them to the local jail for booking. The booking process entails taking photographs and fingerprints and recording the details of the crime. After the booking process, the accused person will have an opportunity to post bail. Posting bails enables the defendant to avoid being incarcerated as they await the court hearing. The defendant, their family, or friends have to pay a defined sum of money before the police release the defendant. The main purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant will show up for future court dates.

Most people do not have enough money to post bail, and they have to seek the help of a bail bondsman. The defendant must pay the entire bail amount to get out of jail. In most cases, the bail amount is often much higher than the money available to the defendant. Not only does bail consist of a large amount of money, but the court will also tie the money for a long time.

When a defendant needs a bail bondsman in the middle of the night, they do not want to dial your phone and get an automated response. It would be even worse for them to dial your phone and not get a response. If you do not answer the phone at this hour of need, the client will most likely call another bail bond company.

When calling your line, clients are often in dire need of assistance to get out of jail. Every reliable bail bond company understands the importance of providing prompt bail services to clients. The best form of advertising is word of mouth from happy clients. Word will go round that your bail bond company is available to offer assistance at all times. This will help you build customer loyalty. You will not risk losing a client to competition.

Bail Bond Lead Capturing

It would be perfect if all the prospects would call your bail bond company during business hours. However, this is often not the case, and clients can call your company at any time. A professional phone answering service  will not only answer all your calls but also qualify your leads. It takes a special prospect-centric approach to capture leads and convert them to your clients. Successful bail bond lead capture starts with prompt and professional phone answering. The professional call agents will gather all the information you require from a client. Clients will call with questions regarding the services that your bail bond company offers. Some clients will be confused regarding their options and will require some insight into their available bail options. With professional phone answering services, your clients will encounter a friendly voice and a warm welcome that will help you get the most out of inbound calls.

You Will Instantly Receive All Incoming Messages in Your Bail Bonds Company

Professional call answering companies understand that bail bond companies have a small window of time to connect with clients who need their services. The callers could be in jail and be calling on behalf of their family members or friends. Clients like working with a bail bond company that is responsive, professional, and reliable. There is no better way to prove your company's reliability than by having in place 24-hour phone answering services.

A 24-hour phone answering service  helps you to ensure that your clients get assistance whenever they need it. By being open to callers at all times, you will prevent them from hanging up and calling another bail bond company. All calls are answered within three rings meaning that your clients will not have to wait long before getting a response.

Having a 24-hour phone answering service means that you never close your business. Even during the non-working hours, clients will still call your bail bond company and receive the assistance they need. You never know when a person will cross with the law. Some clients will call your bail bond company to make inquiries about the services you provide.

Your clients are busy too and may not be able to call your bail bond company during work hours to make inquiries. A phone answering service  provides convenience to clients and allows them to call outside the business hours and still receive assistance. This added convenience speaks volumes regarding how you care for your clients. Knowing that they can always call you, clients will appreciate preferring to call your bail bond company instead of calling your competitors.

Customized Bail Bond Call Scripts

Answering bail bond calls can be a challenge if you do not work with the right company. You should work with a call answering company that understands the specific needs of your bail bonds company. The call agents should understand the unique needs of the callers. The agents must also be patient and compassionate because most people will be in distress while calling your bail bond company.

Your bail bond company does not just need a company to answer calls. It needs a company that will answer calls correctly and dispatch calls if need be. Professional call answering companies will be willing to sit with you to customize your script. A customized script ensures that the call agent will communicate relevant information to your callers.

Your Bail Bond Company will be HIPAA Compliant

A phone answering service  will enhance the professionalism of your bail bond company. With HIPAA Compliant call agents and messaging services, you can be sure that your company’s and client’s information will be secure. The highly-trained call agents understand how to handle bail bond company calls and provide clients with the correct information. Professional call agents understand the information that they have to collect from every caller. Professional call agents will make the bail application process simpler for your clients by:

  • Treating all your callers with dignity and professionalism
  • Informing prospective clients of all the necessary information and documentation, including the defendant’s name and identification details
  • Providing answers to clients’ questions

Your phone etiquette says a lot about your bail bond company. A customer can gauge whether your company is reliable based on how you respond to phone calls. If the phone rings with no response, clients will assume that your bail bond company is unresponsive and unreliable. Clients might not understand that you might have been busy or that it was after normal work hours.

With a professional phone answering service , the professional call agents will not keep your customers waiting. They will answer the telephone within the first three rings, and this will make your customers feel valued.

Your Bail Bonds Company will Reach the Non-English Clients

The Spanish-speaking community in the U.S. has been growing in the recent past. Bilingual phone answering services will help you provide customer support to a wide range of clients. Around 20% of the entire U.S. population speaks Spanish. Therefore, without a bilingual phone answering service , you could be missing potential customers and an opportunity to maximize your revenue. In the U.S., Spanish is the second most spoken language. Therefore, you will serve more clients by expanding the way your business communicates.

Some clients might understand English but may not manage to explain themselves well in English. Working with a bi-lingual phone answering service  is a way of showing your non-English speaking clients that you care about them. Do not allow the language barrier prevent you from reaching out to a larger market share.

If you seek to provide a pleasant experience to your clients, you have to appeal to the diverse demographics. Language is one of the variables for providing a pleasant customer experience. Have you ever thought about how much business you might be losing because your customers cannot speak to you in a language that they prefer? It is much easier to sell your services to clients in a language that they use every day. The bilingual phone answering service enables clients to express themselves comfortably whenever they call your business.

Especially while in distress or in the face of panic, a person who normally speaks Spanish may feel confused and unable to express themselves in English. However, if you have a virtual receptionist on the other side of the phone who can speak Spanish comfortably, it will speed up the bail process. Providing bilingual phone services for your clients will make them feel valued, and they are likely to refer to other Spanish-speaking clients to you. Bilingual call services are a win-win situation for you and your clients.

Clients in Need of Bail Services will Always Feel Appreciated

Hiring a professional phone answering service for your bail bond company enhances customer service and increases staff productivity. Any person can answer the telephone; however, it takes a professional to answer the phone warmly and handle all the caller's needs. A professional call agent will represent your bail bond company and uphold the reputation you have built over time. Professional call agents provide undivided attention to clients without pulling your in-house staff from their work duties.

How do professional phone answering services enhance staff productivity? By outsourcing your phone calls to a professional, you and your in-house staff will have ample time to focus on other business tasks. It is hard to be productive when you are constantly being interrupted by the phone. A phone answering service will help save the hassle of trying to balance the extreme ends of your bail bond business. Enhancing your staff productivity has a direct impact on customer service. Productive staff provides timely services to clients, and this boosts customer service.

Customers will not just contact your bail bond company when they require assistance. Some clients will call your company to air their grievances. The professional call agents will handle all the client’s complaints to leave customers feeling happy and satisfied. The call answering will work with you to develop a custom script that will enable them to handle common customer issues and concerns.

Offering Personalized Services to you Bail Bonds Clients

phone answering service s help you provide a personalized service to your clients. Clients do not like leaving messages on an automated call machine. Most clients will hang up the phone after being directed to voicemail. When clients call your company in need of bail services, they will be interested in speaking to a real person and not a machine. Clients want to speak to a person who understands their situation and who will provide answers to their needs. With professional phone answering services, you will not lose your clients to the competition.

With the professional virtual receptionists, most clients will assume that they are interacting with your in-house staff. Virtual receptionists can comfortably provide all the services that in-house receptionists provide. Virtual receptionists are more affordable because they do not require a work station, and it is not a must to cater to a wide range of their employee welfare benefits. Therefore, hiring professional call services will enable you to offer personalized services and help you save money.

The chances are high that other bail bond companies in your location are already using professional phone answering services. Why would you want your company to remain behind? With so many bail bond companies serving the same market, professional phone answering services will help your bail bond company stand out from the competition.

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