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Hopefully I will never use them again but if I do, thanks to Brittany I will. She is such a sweetheart and got my daughter out of jail and even got her food and drink. She went above and beyond, thanks Fausto’s Bail Bonds.

Wow, Jean and Ivette Rock! They made the process of bailing out my son so easy. I was so concerned and embarrassed at him getting arrested. But Jean made me realize he was a good kid, just made a mistake. Ivette picked him up and made him safe, thanks.

During my time of stress, Fausto’s staff came through! They put my wife at ease and bailed me out quickly and picked me up. Thanks to the great staff!

WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for being so great for us in a not so great time in our lives. Dealing with a loved one getting arrested and going to jail is stressful enough & you guys really understand that. Hopefully we will never need a bail...

Stephanie S

Happy Client

Hello, My name is Tino. I just had to deal wit the awful experience of having my loved one arrested and brought to jail. However after my pleasant experience with Stephanie at fousto’s office by the southwest jail in riverside county, I must say that...

Tino L

Happy Client

Hey Brittany and Jean, Just wanted to say thank you for believing in me when no one would. Not even my own mother. I just got sentenced last week. I received 1 year in and 3 years out. That was hard to accept for me but I stepped up and took all the...

Love, Marci R

Happy Client

I was in no position to bail my son out and pay for a private attorney to defend my son. Fausto came to our rescue and bail my son out in a very efficient fashion. They granted us a discount which enabled us to hire a great attorney who also give us a...

Marco L

Happy Client

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