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Posting bail following an arrest in Calimesa, Riverside County, can be a challenging affair. Even a “fair” bail can prove too expensive for most defendants with the harsh economic climate. If you want to secure a loved one’s release and need help raising bail, we invite you to contact Fausto’s Bail Bonds. We are a licensed company dedicated to providing easily accessible bail bonds. We also inform and educate defendants and families about their right to bail and the benefits of securing release using a bail bond.

Bail bonds make it easier to secure freedom from jail. This is more so if you lack the financial muscle to raise your bail or face charges that can prompt investigations into your finances. Irrespective of the charges you face or your financial situation, we will treat you with respect and assure you of a courteous, fast, and confidential service. Our seasoned bond agents will focus on your matter immediately you call us and ensure your loved one returns home within the least time possible. We believe that every defendant has a right to a fair trial, which can be achieved by securing temporary freedom from jail and using the time to build your defense.

 Possible Outcomes a Calimesa Bail Bonds Hearing

The bail hearing is where a defendant has their first encounter with a judge. The judge will decide whether to allow bail and release the accused from custody pending their trial. Note that judges do not have to abide by the rates on the county bail schedule. They could opt to lower or increase the bail.

You and your attorney have to be present during the bail hearing. Because the decision to allow bail is entirely up to the judge, a jury’s presence is not necessary at this point. The core purpose of the hearing is to evaluate whether a defendant is likely to show up for their trial. Your attorney and the prosecution can table evidence to help the court make a suitable decision when setting bail.

Some of the aspects that determine the outcome of the bail hearing include:

  • The character of a defendant and their history
  • An accused financial resources based on their profession or line of business
  • The severity of the alleged criminal violations
  • A defendant’s criminal history and tendencies during past court appearances
  • Community ties like employment and family within the area

Here are some of the possible outcomes of a Calimesa bail bonds hearing:

Release On Own Recognizance

It is possible to enjoy pretrial release without paying a dime in bail. A release on your own recognizance means that you can go home after giving your word that you will be present through all court proceedings until the trial.

Often, an OR release is appropriate when you have strong ties within the community and steady employment. Generally, a judge will consider whether you have something to lose if you opt to become a fugitive.

Release on Unsecured Bond

Another possible outcome of a bail hearing is that the judge will set the bond amount but allow you to go home without posting it at the moment. As long as you abide by the terms of release, you can enjoy your freedom before the trial. Violating the unsecured bond terms will, on the other hand, prompt your re-arrest. You will have to pay the set bail amount or remain in jail.

Release on Bail

The most common outcome of a bail hearing is that the judge will set bail and issue conditions of release. Bail is money criminal defendants are required to post with the court as assurance that they will not fail to make appearances during all hearings until the trial date. When an accused fails to honor the conditions of release, the money is forfeited, and they are returned into custody.

You can post bail using the following means:

  • Surety Bonds
  • Cash Bail
  • Property Bonds

If you cannot raise a cash bail and have no property to use as a bond, your best option is to secure a surety bond from a bail bond agent. The bail agent will post your bail in exchange for a fee amounting to 10% of the total bail amount. Note that this fee is non-refundable even if you violate the terms of release and end up re-arrested.

If you fail to appear in court, the bond dealer will be on the hook. This makes it necessary to have a bond co-signer willing and able to pay the bond on your behalf if it is forfeited. Another option is to provide collateral like valuable jewelry, real estate, or a trust fund, among other items. If the court forfeits bail, the bondsman will expect you to provide a full bail refund or risk losing the property you use as collateral.

Denied Bail

As aforementioned, a judge must consider the alleged offense and the criminal history of a defendant, among other aspects. If the accused is perceived to pose a threat to the public, this may be enough cause to deny bail. Essentially, this means a defendant has to remain in remand pending their trial.

Possible Outcome of Violating Bail

Violating Calimesa bail bonds is illegal. A defendant that skips bail is likely to face additional charges and is considered a fugitive. This can negatively impact their legal status and their ability to mitigate their sentence if convicted.

The consequences of an FTA (failure to appear) will highly depend on the type of bail posted. The court will forfeit your cash or property bail if you skip bail without a valid excuse. If you secure your release using a surety bond, the bond dealer has the right to seize property set as collateral and sell it to recover the forfeited bail.

Bond agents have the resources to hunt down fugitives, return them to jail and recover the lost bail. They use professional bounty hunters who work just like law enforcement but are not bound by the laws that govern the police. This means that a bounty hunter will not read the Miranda warning or seek a warrant from a judge to enter the homes of your family members and search for you or inquire about your whereabouts.

It remains imperative to understand that you must pay your bail amount in full if the court forfeits bail. If you skip town, the bond company has to make good on its promise to post your bail with the court. It works best for everyone when a defendant honors the terms of release and attends court dates without fail.

Essential Facts about Bail Bonds

Facing arrest or having a loved one in jail can cause immeasurable amounts of stress. Unfortunately, securing release is not always feasible, especially when a judge sets a high bail. On the bright side, you can opt to seek the assistance of a bond dealer. You only need to pay a small fee, adhere to your terms of release and enjoy freedom until your case is determined.

Before you secure Calimesa bail bonds, here are important facts you should know:

The Bail Bond Fee Cannot Be Excessive

The 8th Amendment of the constitution protects you from excessive bail. Likewise, state laws determine the rates charged by bond agents. The standard bondsman's fee is 10 to 15 percent of the set bail in California. A licensed bonding company will not ask for any more or less than what is required by the state.

Bail Can Be Reduced

A defendant’s attorney can appeal with the court to have bail reduced. Whether a judge will reconsider the original decision depends on the charges you face and the reasons behind having a higher bail. If you are appealing for reduced bail because of your financial situation, the judge can agree to lower it under the following terms:

  • Wear an electronic monitoring device — One of the common conditions of enjoying a lower bail amount is that the accused will wear an electronic monitoring device. The equipment monitors your whereabouts and goes off if you tamper with it or step outside the preset radius. If you violate the terms that come along with the monitoring device, the judge can increase your bail or order your re-arrest.
  • Install a vehicular locking system — If you face charges for vehicular violations like drunk driving, you could enjoy a reduced bail amount by accepting to install a drug/alcohol vehicular locking system. This helps to ensure the safety of the public. You have to breathe into the device to unlock the ignition and allow you to drive.
  • Submit To random drug testing or enroll in rehab – one of the core reasons for a judge setting a high bail amount is to ensure the safety of the society. If you face charges for a drug-related violation, a judge could allow a lower bail if you agree to enroll in rehab or consent to random drug testing. Again, you have to adhere to the terms of release or risk a re-arrest.

Appealing for a lower bail amount is a great option that any defendant can consider. Unfortunately, it can take weeks or months to have your appeal granted. There is also a possibility that the court will stand its ground and refuse to review the bail. In the worst-case scenario, the judge will increase the bail even higher.

An easier option is approaching a reliable bond dealer and securing your release by paying only 10% of your bail amount. This is the most convenient option that assures you of a fast release. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we can reach an agreement, irrespective of your financial situation. Even if the bondsman's fee is not within your financial means, our skilled bail agents can help you develop a suitable repayment plan. Call us today to determine whether you qualify for a fast and convenient surety bond.

Calimesa Jail and Court Information

Calimesa Police Department

50290 Main Street

Cabazon, CA 92230

Tel no: (951) 776-1099

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, CA 92501

Tel no: (951) 955-4500

Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility

1627 S. Hargrave Street

Banning, CA 92220

Tel no: (951) 922-7300

Indio Jail

46057 Oasis Street

Indio, CA 92201

Tel no: (760) 863-8252

Southwest Detention Center

30755-B Auld Road

Murrieta, CA 92563

Tel no: (951) 696-3050

Blythe Jail

260 N. Spring Street

Blythe, CA 92225

Tel no: (760) 921-5780

Calimesa Court Information

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside

4050 Main Street, 

Riverside, CA 92501

Tel no: (951) 777-3147

If you are unsure where your loved one is held, call the Calimesa Police Department Information management system. You can also reach out to us at 855-328-7867 for more personalized assistance. Our years of experience providing Calimesa bail bonds allows us to locate jailed loved ones with speed and ease.

Fausto’s Bail Bonds

Posting bail for a loved one does not have to be a challenging process. Once you complete the paperwork, we will handle the steps of posting bail to ensure the defendant is released with their dignity intact. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Comprehensive bail information
  • Guidance on the steps involved in posting Calimesa bail bonds
  • Tips to ensure your loved one does not spend longer in jail than necessary
  • Flexible payment arrangements if you are in a tight spot financially
  • 100% transparency with no hidden charges
  • Convenient services available 24/7

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Fausto’s Bail Bonds is licensed to operate in Calimesa, Riverside County. We have years of experience in the field and have helped thousands of defendants to secure their release from jail. Our resources and expertise allow us to post bail through a fast, discreet, and easy process. We understand that spending time behind bars is uncomfortable. It also puts your life on halt months or years before the court decides your fate. If you cannot raise a cash bail, you can depend on us for the much-needed assistance. We operate 24/7, and you can reach one of our skilled bond agents by calling 855-328-7867. Let us help you obtain temporary freedom from jail so you can prepare for trial confidently.