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When you are arrested in Riverside County, various areas of your life could go wrong. For instance, you could lose your job, custody of your child(ren), your family, or a chance to continue studying. It is necessary to have plans in place to recover your freedom immediately after your detention to avoid facing the consequences of a more extended stay in custody. Fortunately, the state law allows suspects to be freed on bail pending a judge's determination of their case. If your bail is unaffordable, you can find the service of a dependable bonds dealer. Fausto’s Bail Bonds are for defendants that cannot afford bail in Cabazon, Riverside County. Contact us immediately after the booking process if you need trustworthy, inexpensive, and convenient bail bonds.

Why You Need Bail

The police have the authority to arrest a person suspected of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, arrests are not pre-communicated to the suspects. Therefore, you can be arrested while going about your daily duties. It could be that you were working, in the middle of a class, resting at home, or even while on vacation. The police officer will keep you in their custody when that happens until a judge orders otherwise.

Bail is crucial in California. It allows suspected offenders to obtain their freedom from police custody, albeit temporarily. That helps you prepare for trial by gathering the necessary evidence to defend yourself and hiring a competent attorney to represent you during the trial. Without bail, you could remain incarcerated until the end of the case. Criminal cases in California can drag on for months and sometimes years, depending on their circumstances. A lot can change in your life during that time, including losing your family, job, or your chance to study in school.

You could be granted bail immediately after your detention to avoid losing more time in police custody. That way, you could return to your life as if nothing had happened. Then, you can appear on all set court dates for the hearing and determination of the matter. However, you could be detained after the case if the jury determines you are guilty as charged, and the offense calls for incarceration after conviction.

California laws advocate for freedom for all, at least until a judge pronounces a suspect guilty. Thus, the judge will likely grant your constitutional right to remain free even after an arrest until the conclusion of the matter. However, you have to ensure your court appearances by paying some money or providing a worthwhile asset as collateral or bail to the court. Bail is refundable after the case's conclusion, provided that the court does not forfeit it.

How Judges Set Bail in Cabazon

Bail is different from one suspect to the other and from one case to another. The money or property value is usually not fixed. Judges determine a person’s bail based on their case details and criminal history. Thus, you must appear before a judge immediately after the booking process for a bail hearing. In this hearing, the judge will review your case and consider your criminal history to determine your eligibility for bail. If the court finds you suitable for bail, the judge will set an amount you must pay in cash, property, or surety to receive your freedom. The police officer will keep you in custody until your bail is paid in full.

Many factors influence the judge's decision when setting bail in California. First, the judge will consider your bail based on the bail schedule used by all courts within the county. Then, he/she will increase or reduce the amount, depending on the case's particulars. For example, if this is your first arrest, and you have strong ties within your community, the judge could be lenient enough to reduce the bail amount. But if your criminal record is severe, and the underlying crime is a severe felony offense, the judge could set your bail high.

Sometimes a judge can set a defendant free on their personal recognizance. It means that the defendant will not post bail to obtain their freedom. You will quickly sign the necessary documents when that happens to you, and the police officer will let you out of custody. Other times, the judge can decide to deny a suspect bail. If you have a record of failing to honor court dates or are facing severe charges for a violence-related crime, the judge can order the police to detain you throughout your trial period. But you can challenge the judge’s decision if you have an aggressive criminal attorney by your side. If successful, you could post bail.

How to Post Bail in Cabazon

California courts offer defendants and their families many options to post bail after an arrest. It is necessary to understand how each works for informed decision-making.

Your first option would be paying cash bail. It means finding out the exact bail you should pay to the court and paying it in full in check, cash, or money order. Cash bail is a simple way to ensure your court appearances. The money paid to the court will be available for you after your case concludes, regardless of its outcome. Sadly, not everyone can afford cash bail. Sometimes the money is too high for anyone to afford within short notice. Additionally, you can lose the full bail if you fail to honor your court dates and the court forfeits your bail.

Your next option would be providing valuable property as collateral for your court appearances. Property bonds are common in California, especially for people with valuable assets under their names. All kinds of valuable assets can be helpful in this case, including your home title, vehicle documents, or land title. The court will appraise the asset before accepting it to determine its actual value, which should be higher than the bail amount. If the court forfeits your bail, it will sell the property and keep the proceeds. But if you honor all your court dates, the property or asset will be returned to you at the end of the case, regardless of the outcome.

Cash and property bail are not readily available for arrestees in Cabazon. Thus, defendants have to rely on third-party businesses for surety bonds. When you need help with bail, you simply identify a bond dealer within your town, contact them to learn about their services and charges, then sign up for their bail bonds. The bond dealer will, in turn, pay a specified amount to the court, then pledge to pay your bail in total if you skip bail. Bail bonds are prevalent, especially in Cabazon. You can quickly find reliable and affordable Cabazon bail bonds today.

Cabazon Bail Bonds

Bond companies offer financial aid to defendants who face a challenge raising bail after an arrest. These dealers act as a surety and pledge full bail in cash or property to the court if the suspect fails to appear as ordered.

Cabazon bail bonds are straightforward to obtain for defendants or families whose loved ones face arrest in town. There will be no need to fundraise the required amount or sell your assets to raise cash bail. Bond dealers here are very much prepared with the necessary documents and money to help you recover your freedom quicker than you could expect. Additionally, their services are readily available. You can find them through the phone or online any time of the day or night. It means that you can start your bail process soon after arrest, regardless of the time.

Before signing up for any Cabazon bail bonds, the charges are the first thing you should find. Find out how much you will be paying for the services before signing the agreement. Bond dealers will charge a premium, which you must pay upfront before service delivery. The premium is usually a percentage of your bail. The typical charge is 10% of a defendant’s bail, though sometimes it can be lower than that, depending on the bond dealer of your choice. Premium is non-refundable and will constitute the payment for the bail bond services.

Cabazon bond agents offer great flexibility to their clients when paying for bail bonds. You can choose a payment method that is most convenient for you, including cash, debit card, credit card, PayPal, check, money order, or bank wire transfers. If your bail is high, your premium will be increased and probably unaffordable as a once-off payment. Thus, you could offer other payment options like:

  • Promissory notes
  • Cash advance or payday loan
  • Loan on your car title
  • Bond pledges
  • Government pay-services
  • Life insurance policy

Take advantage of the flexibility the bond dealer offers for your freedom before quickly losing much time.

Collateral for Cabazon Bail Bonds

As previously mentioned, bond companies offer surety to courts to pay their client’s bail in full if their clients fail to appear. It means a significant risk that could see the bond dealer losing a lot of money if you fail to honor the agreement you sign with the court. That is why bond dealers in Riverside County ask for a guarantee for their bail bonds to ensure that they have covered the risk in the event you fail to appear. You can provide anything valuable to the bond dealer as security or assurance that you will honor all your court dates. If that does not happen, the bond dealer will sell it to raise money to offset your full bail in court.

Some of your options as a guarantee for Cabazon bail bonds are:

  • A real estate property like a piece of land or building
  • An automobile like a car, yacht, bike, boat, and truck
  • Valuable collectibles like arts, antiques, precious metals, and stones
  • Household valuables like electronics
  • Your personal items like jewelry and watches
  • Your investments like stocks, shares, and bonds
  • Credit cards

Note that the collateral value must be higher than the bail. If you do not appear, the bond dealer will be forced to sell it off to raise your full bail.

The Bond Process

The bond process starts with identifying and contacting a trustworthy bond dealer. Choose an affordable, reliable, and experienced bond dealer for easier processing. Bond dealers operating for years are familiar with the local court and jail processes. Therefore, they will likely process your release quicker.

Once you call or message the bond company, its agent will start processing your request. The company will require crucial information, including your identifying information and case details. Therefore, offer as much information as the agent needs for an efficient bond process.

The agent will then bring over the documents for you to sign. Ensure that you know their charges, terms of payment, and any other terms and conditions the bond dealer might have. Be careful to abide by their requirements to avoid losing your collateral.

Once all the documents are signed, the agent will process your freedom from jail. It will take just a few minutes, and you will be free to go back home, to your job, school, or your everyday life.

The agent will ensure that you honor all court dates to avoid skipping bail. He/she will hand over your collateral after the case's conclusion.

Jail Information

Sheriff-Patrol in Riverside County

Sheriff's Department in Cabazon, California

50290 Main St

Cabazon, CA 92230, United States

+1 951-922-7100

Court Information

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside - Banning Justice Center

City courthouse in Banning, California

311 E Ramsey St

Banning, CA 92220, United States

+1 951-777-3147

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If you are in police custody in Cabazon and cannot raise cash bail, you could seek the assistance of a bond dealer. Reliable bail bonds are timely, affordable, and available round the clock. Our agents at Fausto’s Bail Bonds have the necessary skills and experience to process your bond in minutes. That would minimize your stay in jail. Call us at 855-328-7867 for help or learn more about our bail bonds.