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When you or a loved one faces arrest, you would be confused about what to do next. You have the option of posting cash bail or seeking legal assistance from a reputable and certified bail bond company. If this is your first time posting bail, you may find the process frustrating and complex. Before posting bail, you should understand more about the different bail bonds available to you.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, you'll engage with some of the best Perris bail bond agents. Our extensive experience in posting bail on our client's behalf offers us a competitive advantage over other bail bond agencies in the area.

An Overview of the Bail System

Bail is defined as the sum of money deposited by an accused person or a third party to ensure that the accused appears before the court for his or her hearing. Bail could come in the form of cash or secured bonds from licensed bondsmen like Perris bail bonds agencies.

The bail amount is determined by the nature and severity of the offense. The state sets a specified bail amount that aids the judge in determining whether to raise or reduce the bail sum. This verdict depends on the offense and the facts surrounding its commission. The defendant's criminal background is also taken into account.

Understanding Bail Bonds and How They Are Set in Perris

Riverside County, like other jurisdictions, has a unique bail schedule. The court will use this bail schedule to determine the appropriate bail amount. When an arrest is made, the arresting officer normally requests that bail be set above the amount specified in the bail schedule. During the court hearing, the judge determines whether to retain the sum or modify it to a figure consistent with the elements of the crime.

An offender would request the court to lessen the bail amount, whereas the prosecutor would seek to raise it. The judge will look into the following elements before making a decision:

  • The severity of the crime as determined by the law
  • If there were any injuries sustained during the offense and how serious they were
  • Has the defendant made any substantiated threats against the victim?
  • Did the crime involve deadly weapons or drugs?
  • What is the defendant's employment status, social standing, and whether or not they own any local property or businesses?
  • Has the defendant ever been arrested before?
  • Is the accused a threat to the public's safety?
  • Is the accused likely to flee or will he/she attend court hearings?

If the offender is facing serious allegations such as PC 211 Robbery, PC 187 Homicide, sexual assault charges, or PC 207 Kidnapping, the judge cannot set bail without first proving the facts that make the crime unusual. These could include:

  • The accused becomes very ill
  • If the accused is caught with a large sum of money and a plane ticket to another state, or perhaps another country
  • Alteration in the circumstances of the crime or case
  • If the prosecutor's witnesses decline to show up in court or can't be located
  • If incriminating evidence is discovered

In some cases, the court would decide to reject your request for bail. If you have an arrest warrant from another state or have committed a crime while on bail, the judge is likely to reject your bail request. If you break the terms of your probation or parole, your request for bail would also be rejected. Bail could also be rejected if the court determines that you pose a threat to the public under PC 1275a(1).

However, the eighth Amendment requires that the bond amount be fair (not unreasonable) and not intended to punish the offender. If the bail amount is more than what you can afford, you should contact a Perris bail bonds agent for assistance in posting your bail.

What is Acceptable As Bail?

Courts and jails often accept cash as bail. Certified or cashier's checks, as well as traveler's checks, are also accepted as bail. Although most people would find it difficult to raise the bail amount, they can engage a Perris bail bonds agency to deposit a secured bond on their behalf or the behalf of a loved one.

Posting Bail Process

You have three options for bailing an individual out of detention:

  • Cash bail
  • Own Recognizance
  • Bail bonds
  • Property bonds

You can go to the correctional facility where the defendant is being held to post bail. Bail could be deposited at the jail lobby at any time. Below are the different bail posting options you can choose from:

Cash Bail Under Penal Code 1269

This involves paying the entire bail sum in cash or through a cashier's check. For instance, assume the bail amount is set at $40,000. You would provide a cashier's check that is payable to the court in the jail lobby where the defendant is being kept. If you manage to post the cash bail by yourself, you won't have to pay a bail agent.

If the defendant has attended all of his/her court hearings, the court would release the $40,000 to the individual who deposited the bail. It should be noted that the funds would not be reimbursed until six to ten weeks after the lawsuit has ended. Furthermore, you should be aware that if the defendant misses any court dates, you would forfeit the posted bail to the courts under California PC 1305.

Release on Your Recognizance

A recognizance release is perhaps the second most pleasant type of bond in terms of the accused's participation. The offender does not need to pay anything up ahead to be discharged on recognizance. Recognizance releases, like citation releases, are entirely at the discretion of the officer in question. The main difference (apart from the crime that led to the capture) is that the accused would have to battle for his or her release in court.

Bail Bonds Under Penal Code 1276

The most popular method of posting bail is through bail bonds. A bail bond is a legal agreement between the accused and the bail bondsman. In exchange for the defendant's guarantee to show up for all scheduled court dates, a Perris bail bondsman agrees to pay for the bail. The accused (or the accused's family) gets to pay the bondsman a premium that is usually non-refundable.

Perris bail bondsmen normally take a premium equating to 10% of the entire bail amount established by the courts. If the bail has been set at $200,000, for instance, you would give the bondsman $20,000, then the bondsman posts bail. In this instance, even if you attend all court hearings, you won't get your money back since the bail bond agency will collect it. This remains the case even when no criminal charges are brought. If you fail to appear in court, this will compensate them for any losses they might incur.

The bail bondsman loses the bail money when you don't show up for any one of your scheduled court proceedings. Perris bail bonds agencies are incentivized to keep an eye on you and ensure your court appearance. Bail bondsmen often request security from you necessary to cover the bail sum. Your bail agent might be able to persuade the judge to lower the bail amount or release the defendant on his/her recognizance.

Property Bond Under Penal Code 1276.5

Property bonds are still another alternative for posting bail. This is an intricate procedure.

To secure a property bond, you must own equity in a piece of real estate worth approximately twice as much as your bail. For instance, if the bond amount is $200,000, you should submit a property that the state is confident is valued at $300,000 or higher.

The property you utilize to make bail must fulfill each of the below conditions:

  • It underwent a recent appraisal
  • You've made known any liens against the property
  • A qualified specialist must have assessed the worth of the property

The court could put a claim on your property and may foreclose on it to recoup the bail money if you don't show up in court upon posting the property bond.

Reasons to Contact a Perris Bail Bondsman

It's normal to only see the drawbacks when you're engaged in a legal agreement with the bondsman if you're the individual who wishes to be released from jail or the person who is helping your loved one. However, there are advantages to utilizing bail bond agencies to get out of custody.

To begin with, a lot of defendants know very little about the bonding procedure. They are unsure of the right questions to inquire about or the right people to ask. A professional, certified bail bonds company will assist you in getting out of custody at an affordable charge. They'll start by gathering all the details they'll need and defining their approach for accelerating your bail process.

In addition to giving you the privacy and confidentiality you need to handle your predicament, they will only ask for a one-time fee. The best bondsmen with knowledgeable professionals will be ready to provide you with exceptional assistance for your unique situation. Given the high price of bail and the intricacy of the process, the best agency would offer services to assist its clients, such as:

  • Providing prompt and confidential services
  • Services that are reasonably priced
  • There shouldn't be any hidden fees, and consultation should be provided without any charges
  • Recognize various forms of payment
  • Services are accessible 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • Both discounts and concessions
  • A team of devoted and helpful agents
  • Phone approvals

Additional advantages of employing bail bond agencies include:

Favorable Payment Schedules

Even if you only pay a percentage of the whole bond sum, you might still have to spend thousands of dollars to have the bail cleared. The courts are required to make first payments, which are typically out of range for the majority of people. When you use bail bond solutions, you have more flexibility because you can personally work out repayment plans with the agency, which reduces the burden on you/your family's finances.

Quicker Services

If you talk with court employees directly, you'll have to wait a lot longer for responses. This demonstrates that you are just one individual among thousands within the same system. By getting in touch with a committed team of specialists who are handling fewer clients, engaging a Perris bail bonds firm puts you in a more favorable spot. They will also be able to respond to your inquiries quickly.

Shorter Release Period

A good bail bonds agency makes a concerted effort to develop professional ties with those who work there because they are familiar with the court and jail systems and just how they operate. This can result in your imminent release, allowing you to return home sooner and address your family obligations, go back to work, and also get enough time to meet with your attorney to develop a comprehensive and detailed defense strategy.

Court and Jail Information if You Are Arrested in Perris

Riverside Superior Court

4050 Main St

Riverside, California 92501


Sheriff’s Court Services

4095 Lemon St

Riverside, California 92501


Robert Presley Detention Center

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Perris Sheriff Station

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Usually, it might be stressful to make bail without help from a bail bondsman. The judicial system has numerous demands, including hefty cash bail. As a result, working alone might require you to surrender your freedom or expose yourself to several obstacles. Engaging a bail bonds provider will help you avert these drawbacks.

You don't have to stress about making bail for yourself or your loved ones when you work with Fausto's Bail Bonds. Our skilled team is aware of how crucial it is to have you or a loved one released from custody as soon as possible. You can anticipate being discharged faster and with fewer efforts thanks to the assistance you receive. Call us right away at 855-328-7867 if you or your loved one needs bail bond assistance in Perris, California.