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Whitewater is a city in Riverside County, California. Like many other cities in the state, the city struggles with crime. Even law-abiding Californians sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law and are apprehended. Whether it is you or a family member the police have captured, the arrest will have a psychological, physical, and financial toll on you. You can ease the emotional and physical burden of the arrest by obtaining financial aid to exit jail. Bail helps you exit custody to fight the indictment from home. Unfortunately, bail is expensive, and many arrestees cannot afford it. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we can lower the cost of bail by 90% and have you out of jail as soon as possible.

How Whitewater Bail Bonds Service Can Help

The worst place to handle an indictment after apprehension is jail or prison. You will have financial and time constraints, which will hurt the court’s final decision. It is for this reason that handling your charges at home is precious. The apprehension is overwhelming, but being away from your family for a long time causes more harm. Your Whitewater bail bondsman understands that you should reunite with your loved ones and return to work. Returning to work enables you to earn money to afford a reputable private defense attorney to fight the indictment while being with your family gives you the mental strength you need to face these challenging times.

We have handled many bail bond cases at Fausto's Bail Bonds and know that arrests can be more overpowering and befuddling than you can comprehend. A police capture takes away your freedom, and you cannot control the circumstances around you, making the time you spend in custody devastating. Your family will also suffer because they must figure out how to release you. This is where your bondsman comes in to carry the burden of a pretrial release. After an apprehension, you only need to contact these bondsmen, and they will work on your prompt discharge from custody.

Handling Arrests

After your capture in Whitewater, the police will move you to Palm Desert Station for booking and processing. The best way for your family to trace you after the apprehension is to contact the police to find out the facility where you are being detained.

The person coming to handle your release must know the jail you are in, the type of charge you face, and the amount set as bail. When calling our offices at Fausto’s Bail Bonds for pretrial release services, you must have the official name of the defendant, workplace, age, address, criminal record, and physical address.

The bondsman assigned to your case will require these details to complete the bond application. Even if the information is unavailable, the bondsman has connections with the local police and will make a few calls to find out where you are detained and the amount required as a bond. Bail application takes around half an hour, and you can pay the 10% premium fee through cash, money order, or credit card. Again, you must not visit our offices to complete the paperwork. Sometimes, we understand that you do not need your family to know you are in jail, so calling us alone is enough to start the process.

Your Whitewater Bail Options

Understanding your role when you or someone in your family is in police custody is challenging, but you can seek help and guidance. Fausto’s Bail Bonds understands how to handle these incidents, and our bondsmen will explain all your options to find the quickest way to exit jail.

Firstly, you must establish how to obtain a pretrial release. We will explain the various bail options and the most efficient for your situation. The constitution gives you a right to bail, although the court can deny you this right if it deems you a flight risk or threat to the public. Sometimes the police can engage in misconduct, violating some of your rights. For this reason, you must call an attorney right after the apprehension to safeguard your rights.

Release on Personal Recognizance

You do not have to worry about raising funds to pay bail in unique situations. You can obtain a pretrial custody discharge through your own recognizance (OR), also called personal recognizance release. It is a desirable pretrial release option as it does not require you to make any financial commitments. All you do is promise the court in writing that you will return for the planned hearings or adjudication. If you want to enhance your chances for this form of release, you should partner with an experienced defense attorney so that they can request it at the arraignment hearing.

Many defendants qualify for personal recognizance release unless they face capital offenses or threaten the community's safety. When the court receives your application for an OR, they will consider various aspects of the case to decide. Usually, the court will grant your request for an OR if:

  • The current charge is your first offense, and you have no criminal history.
  • You face a low-level count like a misdemeanor, and you have a good status in society.
  • Your current charge is not gang, violent, or firearm related. The court can release you on your recognizance if your charge does not involve violence, guns, or criminal gang activity.

If the police capture you for another crime during probation or parole, they will schedule a personal recognizance release hearing, similar to the bail hearing. Here, the prosecutor will have the chance to present proof against a personal recognizance release. Having an attorney at the proceeding will be beneficial, as they will present evidence for the OR.

A custody discharge on your recognizance is an isolated benefit the judge extends to less violent offenders. Nevertheless, the release comes with stringent restrictions that you must abide by, failing which you will be re-arrested and, this time around, required to deposit bail for a jail discharge.

It will help to know that if you have breached bail conditions before, Whitewater bail bond firms will not be enthusiastic about securing your release through bond. This will force your family to dig deeper into their pockets to consolidate cash bail. You will remain behind bars until the case closes if they cannot raise the funds.

Citation Release

Sometimes, law enforcement can cite you for engaging in illegal behavior and then release you without apprehending or detaining you. In this type of release, the officer issues you with a notice requiring you to show up in court at a set date and time. The main reason for citation issuance is to reduce jail overcrowding, as minor offenders are only required to appear in court but are never booked in jail. The police will not grant you a citation if:

  • You are impaired by drugs or alcohol to the point that you pose a danger to your safety and other people.
  • You refuse to append your signature to the notice promising to appear.
  • You require a medical examination and cannot pursue the help you need.
  • You have a pending apprehension warrant.
  • You refuse to furnish the police with sufficient information.
  • Your release would impede with case inquiries and prosecution.
  • You are likely to recommence your criminal activities after the release.
  • You are likely to skip court.

Do not worry about being denied a citation without valid reasons. The officer must give good reasons for not issuing a citation.

The cite and release option is available for individuals who face the following charges:

  • Simple assault.
  • Petty theft.
  • 1st DUI.
  • Disturbing peace.
  • Speeding.
  • Disorderly behavior.

The notice contains the following details:

  • Time, place, and date of the purported crime.
  • Personal info.
  • Thumbprint.
  • The alleged offense and statute violated.
  • Name of the capturing officer.
  • A signed testimonial of you promising to report to the court.

If an officer issues you with a notice, your proceeding will happen in seven days. The court will not grant an arrest warrant for the cited crime during this period. However, they will issue the apprehension or bench warrant if you fail to report to court as promised, skip the hearing or trial, or disregard sentencing terms.

Cash Bail

If the court does not release you on your recognizance, you must make a financial commitment to the court. Paying cash bail is the quickest way to leave jail after an arrest. Unfortunately, many defendants cannot afford the amount, usually in the thousands of dollars. You could remain behind bars until trial if you cannot consolidate the funds. However, for the few who have the funds, once you deposit the funds, you leave jail immediately, pending court hearings.

Even though cash bail is easy, it is not the best choice. If you skip court, you will relinquish the funds. Again, if you spend all your money on bail, you will not have money to hire the right defense team, which could expose you to a possible conviction.

A Surety or Whitewater Bail Bonds

The favorite bail option is Whitewater bail bonds or surety bonds. It is efficient, quick, dependable, and affordable. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to post cash bail, a Whitewater bail bond enables you to pay a small portion of the bail fee to an experienced bondsman, who then deposits the balance to secure a pretrial release. The low financial obligation makes Whitewater bail bonds a favorable option for many arrestees. You are perhaps wondering how your bondsman makes money out of these services. The small premium fee you deposit with the service, usually 10% of the bail figure, is non-refundable, and this is the fee you pay for the service. 

This is a small fee considering the money we at Fausto’s Bail Bonds will deposit on your behalf. Also, you do not have the total bail money lying idle in a bank account waiting for your arrest. Even if you have the money, you do not want to use it to pay cash bail so that it can stay with the court without generating any interest or revenue. You can use a bail bond service to pay the financial commitment on your behalf so that your money can go to hiring an experienced legal team to challenge the indictment.

When you pay the premium, the bond application process begins. If you are in jail, visiting our offices is impossible unless you send a loved one. Alternatively, you can fill out the forms over the phone with the help of our bondsmen.

When hiring a Whitewater bail bonds service, you must be careful because many have hidden fees in their contracts. We are honest at Fausto’s Bail Bonds and do not include hidden charges. One common hidden charge you will encounter when looking for a surety bond service in Riverside County is annual renewal and cancellation costs. Bail bond firms will not tell you that many cases can span over a year, and you end up signing a contract not knowing they will charge you a renewal fee of thousands of dollars when the court matter exceeds one year. You do not have funds to pay these renewal fees, so you must be careful before appending your signature to an agreement.

Similarly, it would help if you were cautious about cancellation charges. If the prosecutor handles multiple cases and fails to file official charges against you on time, it can lead to bond cancellation. And when charges are filed, the court will reinstate the bond. Some bondsmen will use this chance to increase the cost or double the bill. Nevertheless, when you choose Fausto’s Bail Bonds, our bondsmen will only charge you the initial cost and help you save money for hiring a defense attorney.

Jail and Court Information

Banning Justice Center

311 E. Ramsey Street

Banning, CA, 92220

(951) 572-5408 

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Palm Desert Station

73705 Gerald Ford Drive

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Sitting behind bars and waiting for a trial and court ruling is overwhelming. You will suffer emotional trauma from being away from your family and financial problems because of the loss of income. Therefore, your priority should be to find a means of exiting jail pending trial. You can pay cash bail, a property bond, or a surety bond. Citation release and OR are also available, but limited.

If the court cannot release you on an OR and you do not have funds for cash bail, you should talk to a bail bonds service in Whitewater, Riverside County, CA, for a surety bond. We will secure your pretrial release at Fausto's Bail Bonds and offer guidance to ensure you report for court proceedings. Call us today at 951-445-4455 for a no-obligation consultation.