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If you have crucial responsibilities or are committed to your job, an arrest will significantly disrupt your life. It leaves you confused, devastated, and desperate to return to your life. But the California justice process requires you to remain incarcerated until the judge can grant you bail. Then you can post the amount needed to obtain a pretrial release. Sadly, not everyone can afford bail since it is always set high. But bond dealers have made the bail process manageable for all defendants. You can count on a reliable bond dealer to quickly obtain your release before your life is delayed further. Fausto’s Bail Bonds are available, affordable, and convenient for all defendants. We are willing and ready to help you with bail after an arrest in Mecca.

The Arrest and Bail Process

Most people learn about arrest and bail processes after their first arrest. While this could help you handle situations as they come, it can slow some processes that could delay your life further, especially if an arrest has already disrupted your life. It helps to have this information beforehand to be well-prepared when officers come knocking.

Anyone can face arrest in California. If police officers have a reason to believe that you have violated the law, they will come for you or arrest you at the crime scene. If they have a warrant from a judge, officers will come knocking at your home or workplace. You could even be arrested in the streets. The officers will take you to the station for booking when it happens. It is advisable to follow them to the station without resisting an arrest or trying to defend yourself. That will make the process easier for them and you and help you avoid additional issues with the law.

Once at the police station, the officer will ask for your name, birthdate, address, employment status, and any other relevant detail that will help obtain information from the government database. The officer will further ask for a few details regarding the case. They will take your fingerprints and pictures for the database.

You will be taken to jail after the booking process, where you will await further instructions from the judge. The judge’s decision will be based on the details of the case and your criminal record. Mostly, the judge arranges for your first arraignment. It must happen soon after an arrest. The first hearing will be all about bail. Thus, you should know whether you are suitable for bail and the amount at the end of this first arraignment.

If the judge grants your right to post bail, you are to make payment for your release. If you cannot afford bail, you could engage the assistance of a bond dealer. Bond dealers provide financial assistance to defendants that cannot afford bail. They do so for a profit, usually a percentage of your total bail.

Your Eligibility for Bail

You must be suitable for bail for the judge to allow you to pay some money for a pretrial release. Sometimes judges deny bail depending on your case details and your criminal record.

The judge studies the case details and your criminal record during the first hearing to decide whether you are suitable for bail. For example, if you are a habitual offender, the chances are high that you could violate the law again if allowed to post bail. The judge can use that assumption to keep you incarcerated until your trial is over. Defendants that are considered dangerous will also be unfit for bail if it is obvious that they could compromise the community's safety if released.

But, California bail is available for practically all defendants. The law does not allow the police to keep a person detained until they have been determined guilty of a crime. Thus, the chances are high that the judge will grant you bail.

Bail is not a standard amount. The judge sets the amount based on the bail schedule within the court’s jurisdiction, details of your case, and criminal record. Bail schedules are used as guides to help judges determine an approximate amount for each defendant based on the crime they have committed. A misdemeanor offense will call for a smaller bail than a felony. But if it is your first felony, the judge can set a smaller bail than you could receive if you had one or more prior felony convictions in your criminal record.

Here are some of the factors that judges consider before setting bail amount:

  • The type of crime you have committed, whether felony or misdemeanor
  • Your criminal history
  • Details of your crime — Your bail could be higher if you are suspected of a dangerous or violence-related felony
  • Your ties within the community — Strong ties reduce your flight risk

Ways To Pay Bail in Mecca

Once the judge allows you to pay bail, it is crucial to know how you can post bail to obtain your pretrial release. Fortunately, you have several options and can choose the most convenient means.

The first option is the own recognizance (OR) release, whereby the judge releases you before trial without ordering you to post bail. Few people qualify for OR release. Most judges grant this chance to first defendants who face lenient misdemeanor charges. It is the best opportunity for any defendant to return to their life and prepare for defense without worrying about posting bail.

If you cannot qualify for OR release, cash bail is your other option. It is pretty popular and is the easiest way to obtain freedom before trial in California. However, you must have all the bail amount in cash to post bail. The officers will only facilitate your release after the last payment is made. Cash bail is a quick way to obtain your freedom after an arrest, but it could delay your freedom. If you don't have the required cash, you will fundraise from friends or family or sell some valuables to raise the amount needed. That could take time and will keep you in custody further.

If you don't have the cash but have valuable assets, you can use it to secure your freedom after an arrest in Mecca. Property bonds are accepted by most courts in California as long as the property’s worth is more than the required bail. But, a property bond could delay you since the court will first verify its documents and appraise the property before accepting it.

Your best choice is a bail bond. Bond dealers provide surety bonds to defendants that can’t afford bail. They are business people that provide financial assistance to defendants and their families at a considerable fee. Their target is mainly defendants that cannot afford to raise bail. No one wishes to stay incarcerated for long. That is why many defendants require this kind of help. Mecca bail bonds benefit many defendants and their families since families do not have to fundraise or sell valuable properties to raise the amount. Bond dealers also work fast to avoid delays that could leave you in custody longer than you deserve.

Bail Conditions

The judge sets bail conditions after granting your right to post bail. You must abide by all specified conditions to avoid losing the bail amount to the court. Bail conditions are set according to your offense. Some of the standard bail conditions in California are:

  • You must appear before the court on all set dates
  • You must stay within the community through the bail period
  • You must not commit any offense while out on bail

Bail conditions could be more or less based on the case details and your criminal history.

The judge expects you to remain within the community until the end of your case. That is why community ties are an essential factor to consider when determining a defendant’s eligibility for bail. If the judge suspects you will flee once you are out of jail, they will not allow you to post bail. The judge could also set a higher bail to discourage you from obtaining your release or keep you attending court sessions for fear of losing a considerable sum.

The primary bail condition for all defendants in California is to honor all court dates without fail. Failing to attend all scheduled court dates is a criminal offense that could lead to additional charges. Remember that a release on bail does not mean that your case is over. It only allows you to attend court sessions from home. Thus, you must appear for your case's hearing and avoid additional criminal charges.

Failing to attend court sessions will come with additional consequences, like losing your bail to the court. If you don’t honor court dates without a valid reason, the court will forfeit your bail. It means you can lose the total bail. Since bail is always high, that could translate to a substantial financial loss for you or your family. If you cannot make it to a particular court session, it is advisable to let the court know in advance. You will not be in trouble, and the judge can reschedule your trial date.

The Role of a Bond Dealer in Mecca

Mecca bail bonds are quite popular because most defendants prefer surety bonds to cash or property bonds after an arrest. It is because bail bonds are more convenient than other bail options. You need not worry about raising the entire bail when you engage the services of a bond dealer. You can still keep your valuable properties and raise the required bail for your release.

Mecca bail bonds are quick and reliable. Bond dealers work fast to help you out of incarceration. You can call anytime you are arrested, whether during the day or night. A bond agent will be quick to facilitate your release so that you can return to your life. It allows you enough time to hire an attorney and prepare for trial.

But, you must understand how Mecca bail bonds work to benefit from them. Bond dealers provide surety bonds to courts on behalf of defendants. They pay a percentage of the bail and promise to pay the rest if you don’t appear for trial. The bond dealer will charge you a premium, which is 10% of your bail. Once you pay the premium, an agent begins your bail process.

You can conveniently pay for Mecca bail bonds through any preferred payment method. Bond dealers provide several payment options to their clients to make it easier to pay for the service. Sometimes flexible payments are allowed if you are unable to raise the premium. You could secure the bond with a valuable asset like a car or real estate property. It assures the bond dealer of your willingness to go through trial until the conclusion of your case.

Contact a reliable bond dealer online or over the phone when ready. You can skip visiting their offices. A bail agent will ask about the required details to begin the process with minimal delay. Some of the information you must provide to start the process is your name, address, birth date, employment details, criminal history, and some details regarding your case.

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