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Bail bonds are payments deposited for the defendant by a bail bond service. The bond enables the defendant to exit jail when their finances do not allow them to pay bail without financial support. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we deduct a 10% non-refundable premium from the total bail as a fee for helping you acquire a pretrial discharge. Therefore, when you want a pretrial release in Sun City, Riverside County, you should speak to our bondmen to ensure you spend the least time in custody by posting bail, however expensive it is.

Sun City Bail Bonds

The fund the court requires you to settle before discharging you from custody awaiting trial is bail. Unfortunately, for many offenders, bail is usually too expensive to afford.

How will the defendant afford bail if it is too costly?

Defendants who cannot consolidate bail money rely on Sun City bail bonds service. The company pays a bail or surety bond on behalf of the defendant if they agree to deposit a particular percentage of the total bail.

Once you exit police custody, the funds will be returned to the bondsman after you attend all scheduled court hearings and adhere to pretrial discharge conditions. However, when you disobey your pretrial discharge conditions, the total bail sum deposited by your Sun City bail bonds service will be forfeited. You must know the premium is non-refundable, even if you follow all court conditions.

Bondmen are persons or entities who make bail on behalf of defendants in detention. They are profit-driven companies that generate revenue by charging a fee for surety bond services. Also, they profit by seizing and auctioning assets used as collateral when defendants jump bail. However, before repossessing your property, these bondmen hire bounty hunters to track you down. If you are not found, they forfeit the bond, so they sell collateral to recoup their lost money.

Sun City Surety Bonds Process

The bail process starts with an apprehension. After an arrest, the police will move you to the Southwest Detention Center for booking. At this stage, the officer does the following:

  • Record your personal information, including physical description, name, and age.
  • Confiscates your personal items.
  • Runs a background review on your record to see if you have existing apprehension warrants.
  • Takes your fingerprints.
  • Takes a mug shot.
  • Record the details of the crime you are apprehended for.
  • Conducts a substance or armament search to prevent contraband from entering police cells.

If the booking officer finds contraband like weapons or narcotics, they will confiscate them and present them as exhibits. Once the booking is completed, the officer takes you to a detention cell, where you stay awaiting bail or a court presentation.

The officer then prepares your file and sends it to the local prosecutor, who reviews the evidence against you to decide whether or not to file formal charges. If the proof in the file is not compelling, the prosecutor will not elect any counts against you. Instead, the prosecutor will return the file to the investigators for further investigation. In the meantime, you will be discharged from custody until the investigative team obtains additional evidence. However, the DA only prefers charges against you if there is convincing evidence that a crime has happened.

When charges are filed, you will remain behind bars until your arraignment proceeds. The hearing should happen within forty-eight hours of your arrest. In the proceeding, the presiding judge rules on bail. Nevertheless, you do not want to wait until you are presented to the court for a bail hearing if you have been apprehended for a minor crime. The officer handling your case can check the Riverside County bail schedule and inform you of the figure you must deposit as bail. After you have been notified of the bail to pay, you can deposit cash bail to regain your freedom.

Once you learn the amount you must pay as bail but cannot consolidate the funds quickly, do not hesitate to contact Sun City bail bonds service immediately. Your bondsman will ask about the details of your arrest, after which they will discharge you from jail.

Setting Bail

When you appear before a judge in the arraignment proceeding, they will mention the formal count against you and your plea options, including not guilty, no contest, or guilty. The judge will determine your bail if you do not plead guilty. Numerous aspects are considered when setting bail. These are:

Bail Schedule

Even if the judge has the authority to set bail, their decision is guided by the schedule, which details various crimes and bail figure recommendations. In Sun City, bail is determined using the Riverside County bail schedule.

When an apprehending officer uses the schedule, they do not have the authority to increase or reduce the sum provided. However, a judge can adjust the amount provided in the program within the legal provisions. The estimations on the bail schedule provide estimates that help guide the judge’s decision. If you have a history of crime or your offense involves several victims, the judge is likely to increase the bail sum provided in the schedule.

The Sternness of Your Crime

The harshness of your offense also influences the judge’s decision on the bail figure. Violent felonies like robbery are punishable by harsh penalties. If, based on the proof against you, it is impossible to avoid a conviction, a bail discharge is a huge mistake because you are likely to flee the jurisdiction to evade justice. So, when the penalties at stake are severe, the judge will be reluctant to grant you bail, and when they do, they will set it high so that you will be ready to stay until trial despite the life-changing consequences you risk upon sentencing.

A Threat to the Public’s Safety

Not only is bail a constitutional right, but it also helps decongest jails through pretrial discharge. However, if you compromise the general public's welfare as an offender, the judge will deny you bail. If you are lucky to find a lenient judge, they will award bail but set a colossal amount and impose strict conditions like protective orders against specific persons.

Flight Risk

Bail is security to guarantee that you will return for scheduled court meetings after a pretrial discharge. The likelihood of skipping court to avoid the disabilities of a conviction for the baseline offense is flight risk. Therefore, when the court is convinced you will likely miss court, they will fix an expensive bail to lower your chances of fleeing town.

The judge considers your ties with the community to determine if you can skip town after pretrial discharge. One critical aspect is your community ties. If you have a family, run a business, or hold a leadership position in society, the risk of running away and leaving all that you have built behind is minimal. If this is your case, the court will grant bail. However, when you lack connections with society, have lived in the community for a short time, and have a history of jumping bail, the court will consider you as likely to flee town after discharge pending trial, denying you bail.

Income and Assets

Another aspect the judge reviews when setting your bail is your earnings and properties. An individual with a high income is less likely to show up in court when bail is set low because forfeiting the amount is insignificant. However, when the court appoints a hefty amount depending on the defendant’s income, the offender will be more likely to appear in court and comply with court conditions because vast amounts of money are at stake if they jump bail.

Co-signing Sun City Surety Bonds

If a close friend or family member has been arrested, your last wish is to see them remain in police custody for an extended period. You agree to be a co-signer and secure their surety bond for prompt release. Your responsibility is to assure the bondsman that the defendant will appear for all court meetings when asked. Also, because the offender is already in jail, you are the party that is likely to consolidate the 10% fee the surety bond service requires to facilitate the discharge process.

If you plan on cosigning someone’s bond, ensure that the arrestee is someone you know or are closely related to. You want to guarantee the release of someone you trust so that they do not put you at risk of losing your property when they decide to flee town to avoid trial.

Besides, bondmen will not allow you to co-sign if you have a poor credit score because you will have problems paying them if they forfeit the bail. Many surety bond services will request collateral to secure the bond.

Finally, your surety bonds service will require someone responsible as a co-signer. Your duties commence after the arrestee is discharged from police custody. You are responsible for their conduct because your money or property is on the line if they jump bail. You should ensure they fulfill the release terms, including attending court meetings.

However, despite your many responsibilities as the co-signer, you have rights. You can turn down a request to be someone’s co-signer. Additionally, if you learn the defendant plans on skipping bail, you can inform the Sun City bail bonds service to revoke the bond and relieve you of your responsibilities towards the defendant. Your actions will not amount to betrayal because you will save your money or assets. Once the bondsman revokes the surety bond, the offender will be arrested and placed in custody until they can find a new co-signer.

Repayment Plan for Sun City Bondsman

10% of the bail sum as a fee for the Sun City bail bonds service sounds small. However, considering the outrageous bail courts in Riverside County impose, the price can be significant, discouraging you from obtaining release while awaiting trial. It would help if you did not lose hope even when you could not afford to consolidate the fee in a short time. Talk to your bondsman to craft a flexible settlement plan that will take effect after you leave jail.

Your Sun City bail bonds service will request that you deposit a portion of the premium, and you will pay the rest in installments for a particular duration. When making this decision, the company will consider your earnings and property to determine if you can honor the agreed-upon installments. The higher your credit score, the easier it will be to leave jail because the bondsman will know you are good at repaying debt. Therefore, if you are behind bars and searching for a co-signer, ensure they have a high credit score and be ready to craft a repayment agreement. Picking the wrong individual as a co-signer will prolong your jail stay because the bondsman will not accept them to co-sign the surety bond.

Benefits of Hiring Sun City Bail Bonds Service

Numerous ways exist in which you can exit jail. Apart from instances when the court discharges you on your recognizance, other times you must pay bail to obtain freedom. You can pay bail in cash or through a property bond. None of these options offers more benefits than exiting jail through a surety bond. One of the merits of a bail bond is that you avoid putting your family in financial distress as they try to consolidate funds quickly.

Also, your bondsman ensures a prompt discharge, reducing your time behind bars. Again, these experts save you cash as you only deposit a small fee, allowing you to direct your money toward hiring the best defense attorneys for your case. Bondmen have dealt with multiple clients like you in the past and will offer the legal guidance you need until the trial ends.

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