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Murrieta Bail Bonds

When the police arrest you in Murrieta, CA, you wish to leave the custody as soon as possible. To leave the detention facility and secure freedom to attend to your daily duties soon, you must post bail. But you might wonder how the judge sets the bail and how you will handle the bail process. You will probably ask yourself several questions about bail.

Whether you want to post the bail, you will require the services of a bail bond company, especially when you have a higher bail amount. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, our experienced bondsmen are here to help you. Start by contacting us so we can know the type of bail bond that suits your case.

What is Bail?

Bail is the amount of money you post to work to ensure that you will appear as ordered at court dates. After posting the bail, you can walk out of custody as you await your court dates. You can either make the bail paying in cash or through a bail bond agent. You can obtain the bail amount back if you appear at the court as scheduled. The bail amount will vary based on several factors like your criminal record and the nature of the crime.

Booking Process

When the law enforcement officers arrest you, or your friends, the first thing they do is take you to the nearby police or sheriff's station. After arriving at the police station, you will undergo a booking process. The process will involve taking photographs and fingerprints. Also, the arresting officers will conduct a background check. Remember, the process will take between two to eight hours. A bail schedule will determine the vail amount upon completing this legal process.

Comparing the Varied Types of Bail Bonds in Murrieta

California has seven types of bail bonds. Each type of bail bond has its unique requirements. So, before choosing any bail bond, you need to speak with your attorney. The attorney will help you know whether you are eligible for the bail bond type you wish to go. The following are the varied types of bail bonds in California:

  • Cash Bail

Cash bail is the common type of bail bond in the state. As it sounds, you will post the bail in cash. If you have sufficient money in your pocket after an arrest, cash bail is the best type of bail you can choose. Upon appearing at the court dates as ordered, the court will return your money. With cash bail, you will not lose your money.

  • Surety Bonds

Bail bond agents and companies mainly offer a surety bond. The bail bond company usually charges 10% of your total bail amount. Remember, the bail is determined by the criminal court judge based on your case situation. Many people select surety bail bonds since the judge sets the bail at a dollar value exceeding their budget in many cases. Also, you can use a property of value to work as collateral under this type of bail bond. Speak with Murrieta bail bond agents to help you know whether surety bonds are best for your case.

  • Citation Release

After the law enforcement officers arrest you, they may decide not to take you in custody but issue a citation. However, the citation release will depend on the arresting officer's discretion. So, as the defendant, you cannot ask for a citation release or file a motion for the release.

  • Property Bonds

Under property bail bonds, you will use your property or an item of value to secure the bond. The most recommended property to use as collateral in California is real estate. However, you can still use other properties to act as your collateral. The main difference between property bail and surety bonds is that it will take an extensive period to secure your bail bond under property bonds. For example, it will take several weeks for property inspections and paperwork.

  • Federal Bonds

Federal bail bonds are offered to defendants facing federal offenses. Unfortunately, the bonds are complex and expensive to secure. So, if you need the legal help of these bonds, speak with our bail bond agents right away!

  • Recognizance Release

The second most agreeable bail bond is released on your recognizance. With this bail bond, you will not pay bail for your release. However, the release will depend on the discretion of the arresting officers. 

  • Immigration Bonds

If you are an immigrant, you can qualify for immigration bonds. But these bonds come with strict requirements. The process of securing the bonds is complicated and extensive. Do not even attempt to obtain this bond without the legal help of an immigration attorney. Also, hire a bail bond agent conversant with the US and California migration laws. When it comes to immigration bonds, speak with Murrieta bail bond agents, and they will help you secure the bond.

How to Post Bail in Murrieta

Many people in California secure bail through a good insurer and licensed bail bond company. The process involves paying a fee of 10% of the total bail amount. In rare cases, the bail bond companies will ask for additional requirements before issuing the bail to ensure you do not run. For instance, they may require you to wear an ankle monitor. Generally, the higher the bail amount, the more the bondsmen will place measures to cover themselves.

The bondsman will more likely issue low premiums to the defendant making court preparations as this indicates they won't escape the court dates. For instance, when the defendant has hired a criminal defense lawyer, they stand a chance to obtain lower bail premiums than the others.

Once you or your close friend makes the payment, the bail bond agents will deliver the bail bond to the criminal court. Immediately the court receives the payment, and they will ensure you walk out of the custody. The entire legal process will take less than four hours.

Conditions of Bail in Murrieta

It's stressful to have your loved one arrested in California. The judge will more likely allow the arrested to walk out of jail after posting bail. Therefore the court requires the arrestee to obey the terms and conditions of the bail. Violations of the bail terms could result in rearrests. The following are the potential conditions of bail in California:

  • Travel restriction.
  • No contact orders.
  • Weapon restrictions.
  • Court-mandated classes.
  • Mandatory check-ins.
  • Employment requirements.

What Will Happen When You Fail to Appear at the Court?

When you fail to show up at the court as ordered, you risk facing felony or misdemeanor charges depending on the offense you were accused of. Unfortunately, this will weaken your legal case and become unlikely to obtain bail in the future. Once the police arrest you, you will more likely remain behind bars until your court date.

When you fail to show up at the court after receiving bail, the court will forfeit the bail. However, the court will give the bail bond agent a grace period to return you to custody. The period is usually three months. In many cases, the bondsmen will hire bounty hunters to apprehend you. To avoid all these, ensure you attend the scheduled court dates. Even when the uncontrolled factors force you to skip the court dates, ensure you speak with your attorney to represent you in the court.

How Much is Bail in Murrieta

Based on your case's circumstances, the bail amount is usually between $10,000 and $100,000. Since many arrests occur accidentally, many people do not have the amount right away and decide to post the bail through bail bond agents. Sometimes, you might request the judge to reduce your bail amount. The judge will consider several factors to decide whether to reduce your bail amount. The factors include:

  • Your criminal record.
  • Your employment status.
  • If your case is linked to drugs or weapons.
  • The severity and nature of the offense.
  • Your likelihood to show up at the court proceedings.
  • Your property value.
  • Whether during the offense, anyone sustained severe injuries.

Can Judge Deny Bail?

Sometimes the criminal court judge may deny you the bail if the alleged crime involves sex crimes or violence. However, the judge will consider various factors to decide whether to deny the bail. When the judge has evidence you caused severe injuries to the alleged victim, they will deny you the bail.

Why Choose Murrieta Bail Bonds Agents

When you need to post bail or post bail for the release of your loved ones, how will you know the best bail bond company to work with? It is recommended you work with a bail bond company that always takes care of your needs from the start of your case until the end. Our Murrieta bail bond is the best to work with as we meet the legal standards, and our clients enjoy the following services:

Extensive Experience

When it comes to bail bonds, experience is a must. Working alongside the police requires a bondsman you can trust from the arrest until the end of the legal process. Before you hire a bondsman, find out how long they have offered bail services. Our Murrieta bail bond agents have spent years providing bail bonds in California and outside the state. We have a deep understanding of California and federal laws. Even if you are an immigrant, we will do everything to ensure you secure immigration bonds.

Insured and Licensed

According to California laws, every bail bond company should be well insured and licensed. A licensed and well-insured company will give you courage as you seek bail bonds. We follow the law and regulations while providing bail services. So, do not hesitate to contact our bail bond agents as soon as the law enforcement officers arrest you.

Low Rates and Bail Fees

Everyone would love to work with a bail bond company that offers low rates and low bail fees. While it's true there to what agencies can offer, we offer as low rates as 10% of your bail amount. We understand you are in a financial crisis, and we are ready to speak and listen to your situation. We do not charge hidden fees to our clients. Feel free to work with our bail bonds, as we also offer various payment options.

Financial Backing

A defendant working with a bail bond company aims to use the agency's money to post their bail. Our bail bond company has financial backers and can post your bail regardless of the high bail amount. Let us post your bail as you prepare for the legal process. We have a track record of offering our clients the best bail bond services.

Available Around the Clock

An arrest may take place at the time you least expect. For instance, the police may arrest you over the weekend or at midnight. So, you should work with a bail bond company that offers 24/7 bail bond services. Do not wait for the working hours to post your bail. Instead, Speak with our attorney as soon as the police arrest you, and we will help you post the bail and resume your daily activities immediately.

Jail and Courthouse Information in Riverside County

Southwest courthouse

307555-D, auld road

Murrieta, California 92563



Riverside county southwest detention center

30755 Auld Road

Murrietta, California 92563



Temecula police station

30755 Auld Road #A

Murrietta, California 92563



Murrieta Detention Center

2 Town Square

Murrieta, California 92562



Menifee police station

29714 Haun Road

Menifee, California 92586



Riverside juvenile court

9991 county farm road

Riverside California 92503



Hemet Court

880 North state street

Hemet, California 92543



Temecula court

41002 county center DR

Temecula, California 92591


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Bailing someone out might be easier with the help of a bail bonds agent. So, when the police arrest you or your close partner in Murrieta, CA, do not wait until too late to speak with a well-insured and licensed bail bond company. Our bail bond agents at Fausto's Bail Bonds will work discreetly and quickly to ensure you walk out of jail as soon as possible. Call us today at 855-328-7867 and receive more information on how to bail out your loved ones after an arrest.