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You are innocent until proven guilty. California courts respect this constitutional assertion and make it possible for offenders to be released on bail. Defendants have their freedom until the prosecution can prove that they committed a crime. Thus, arrestees have the right to seek bail bonds services from a bail bonds agency when they cannot raise the required bail amount. We invite you to get in touch with Fausto’s Bail Bonds to help post your (or your loved one’s) bail. We have a variety of Murrieta Bail Bonds that will suit your situation.

An Overview of Bail Bonds

Bail is the amount of money set by the court that the defendant should pay before he or she is released. The proceedings for setting the bail amount occur shortly after an arrest and booking. The judge sets the amount based on various factors, including the criminal history of the defendant, their links to the community, the seriousness of the crime, and whether the defendant is a flight risk. The judge will also refer to the bail schedule before setting the amount.

The bail amount can, therefore, be high; for example, a first time DUI driving offense can attract a bail of $5,000. The bail may become higher depending on whether you are being charged for a felony or misdemeanor, and the presence of mitigating circumstances.

Not many people can afford to raise the total bail amount to secure the release. Murrieta Bail Bonds exist to relieve families of the financial burden of getting their loved one out of jail by offering bail bonds.

A bail bond is a written agreement with the bail agent, the court, the defendant, and the cosigner. In this agreement, the bail bond agent agrees to finance the bail, in case the defendant skips court.

There is a misconception amongst people who believe that bail is set as a punishment to the offender. Contrary to this belief, the court sets the bail amount first to release the defendant from custody, and reduce the congestion and pressure in jails and prisons, and to encourage the defendant to show up for court hearings on the appointed dates.

When the defendant shows up regularly for their court hearings, the court refunds the bail amount upon completion of the case; whether it ends in conviction, acquittal, or dismissal.

Types of Bail Bonds

An offender can be released in several ways, including:

  1. Cash Bond

A cash bond is where a defendant or their loved one pays the full amount set by a court in cash, credit card, or by check. Cash bonds guarantee instant release upon the payment of the bond.

  1. Federal Bail Bond

Federal bail bonds are those available to people charged with federal or interstate crimes. Federal bail bonds are usually expensive and may require larger collateral.

  1. Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are agreements by a third party, to finance the release of the defendant. Surety bonds also hold the third-party agents with the responsibility of paying the bail amount if the defendant does not attend their court proceedings.

  1. Citation Release

Law enforcement officials have the discretion to release people charged with minor crimes on written notice. The notice informs them of the dates they are to appear in court. When released on a citation, you do not have to be taken to court or jail after an arrest.

  1. Property Bond

When you cannot afford the bail in cash, you can place your property with the court. For a property bond, you will have to submit titles of the property. In case the property is mortgaged, you have to show proof of the payments being current. For co-owned property, you have to submit a written agreement by the co-owner, agreeing to use the property as a bond. When you show up for all your court proceedings, the court will release your property or seize it if you fail to appear.

  1. Release on Personal Recognizance

If you have been arrested for a minor crime and you are not a threat to the community or a flight risk, you can be released without having to pay bail. Some people, such as the prosecutor or a religious leader, can vouch for you to be released on personal recognizance. Once released, you have to show up for the criminal proceedings on the appointed dates. You risk losing the chance to be released on bail in the future if you fail to appear when on personal recognizance release.

  1. Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bonds are those issued when a person is arrested for an immigration crime. Immigration offenses are usually federal crimes, which makes the bail amounts higher. Usually, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will arrest and detain an immigrant. He or she will then appear before an ICE judge who will decide whether the offender is a threat to national security and whether they qualify for release on personal recognizance, bail, or whether they do not qualify.

Those who qualify for bail can be released on a delivery bond or voluntary departure bond.

Murrieta Bail Bonds Services

An arrest is usually a surprise event for many people. Therefore, they are not prepared for the expense that bail brings. Murrieta Bail Bonds services are ideal for such families. Bail bond services allow you to raise 10% of the total bail amount and secure your loved one’s release.

Bail bonds agencies are companies or individuals that pledge money on the defendant’s behalf to facilitate their release. By pledging their money to the defendant, they shoulder the financial burden that may arise if the defendant skips court.

Bail bond agents take a big risk by taking the responsibility of ensuring that a defendant shows up in court for all their hearings. To cover their risk, bail agents will require the defendant or cosigner, to pledge some of their property or valuables as collateral for the bond.

Sometimes, you can hire a bail bond agent even when you can raise the full bail amount. When you pay bail, the money remains in custody of the court until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings. When with the court, you cannot invest or use this money to meet your other needs. Since a criminal case can go on for months or even years, your money could be growing.

Most bail agents have the resources to track down a defendant who skips court, which saves you a great deal of trouble when the defendant becomes errant.

Bail Conditions

Bail conditions are a way of keeping the defendant in check and protecting the community from potential harm by the defendant. Most of the conditions place restrictions on where the defendant can go and whom they can interact with. The most common conditions you are likely to receive include:

  • Obeying all laws
  • Stay free of drugs and alcohol. The court can summon you randomly for tests
  • Staying away from certain areas, especially the scene of the crime
  • Staying within the jurisdiction of the court, or obeying the specified travel restrictions
  • Complying with the curfew against you
  • Seek or maintain employment
  • Staying away from the victims of crime or criminals

You may be required to check in with the agency regularly. Adhering to the Murrieta Bail Bonds conditions sheds a positive light on your conduct and increases the chances of you getting released on bail.

Violations, such as failing to appear, can lead to the loss of your collateral, additional fines, and revocation of your bond. When a bond is revoked, you will need to repay the full amount to the court and will be returned into custody, with no chance of release on bond.

How Bail Bond Agents Help

Bail bond agents are important in the criminal justice system since they help defendants in accessing bail services, especially when they cannot afford to pay the full amount.

The first step after you learn of the arrest of your loved one is calling a bail bond agent. To get Murrieta Bail Bonds, you will be asked for the personal details of the defendant, the crime for which they were arrested, their booking number, the facility into which they are booked, and any other relevant information.

Bail bond agents will then prepare all the necessary paperwork that you need to sign. Signing the paperwork means that you agree to secure the services of the bail agent by paying a certain amount (usually 10% of the bail amount) and placing your property as collateral for the bond.

The agent will then go to the booking facility and post bail on your behalf. Your loved one is then released from jail. Usually, the bail bond process takes anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours.

Get Bail Bond Services Near Me

An arrest can be overwhelming for the defendant and their loved ones. Bail bonds services relieve families of the financial burden of raising the full bail amount. Contact Fausto's Bail Bonds in Murrieta, CA, at 951-445-4455 as soon as your loved one is arrested so that we can start working on the paperwork to reduce the time your loved one stays in jail.