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Being arrested and taken to jail is a harrowing experience. However, the situation worsens when you must remain behind bars until your trial is scheduled. In California, defendants ineligible for a release on their own recognizance must pay the court a certain amount of money to secure their release.

You can post bail by paying cash to the court, offering property, or seeking bail bond services. Due to the increased financial burden of posting a cash or property bond, most defendants prefer a bail bond. A bail bond procedure involves contacting a surety company and seeking financial assistance to secure your loved one’s release.

Finding the right bail bonds company can improve your bail posting experience. We provide expert bail bond services for all our clients at Fausto's Bail Bonds. Our Rancho Mirage bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to offer the guidance you need to secure your loved one's release.

Overview of Bail

An arrest is a traumatizing experience that can take a toll on a person’s emotional and mental well-being. Most defendants in California require bail to secure a release from jail while the court schedules their trial. Bail is the money paid to the court by a defendant as assurance that they will return to court and make follow-ups on all their court proceedings. A judge determines the amount of money needed to release a defendant.

The standard bail amounts in California are indicated on the bail schedule. These amounts are classified depending on the nature of the offense. When setting bail, the judge uses the amount on bail schedules as the base, and they can increase or reduce it depending on other facts of the case.

Defendants who do not post bail will remain in jail until the trial ends and their case is resolved. Posting bail has the following benefits for defendants:

  • It allows you to continue with your routine. Spending time in jail can interfere with your daily routine. This means you will not be able to work, which can harm your career.
  • Receive family support. The moments following an arrest and the filing of criminal charges are challenging. Posting bail and securing an early release allows you to receive support from family and friends during difficult times.
  • Meet with your legal team. Due to heightened surveillance in jails, you cannot speak freely to your attorney about the facts of your case. However, when you are released on bail, you can meet and freely discuss a defense strategy with your lawyer.

When the judge has set a specific bail amount, you can pay it in cash, using property, or through a bail bond. Since posting bail is a financial commitment, your financial resources will dictate the bail amount available for you or your loved one.

Bail Conditions

If you are released from jail after posting bail in California, the court can attach the following conditions to your release:

  • Attend court proceedings. After a bail release, the court requires you to be present at all court proceedings involving your case.
  • Travel restrictions. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the court may order you to remain in the jurisdiction of your arrest while out on bail. This condition is enforced by the requirement to surrender travel documents to the court.
  • Firearm ban. While out on bail, you must surrender all your firearms to the law enforcement officer. This condition applies to defendants facing charges for violent crimes.
  • No-contact orders. If you are released on bail after an arrest for domestic violence, assault, or other crimes that involve causing harm to another person, the court can impose a no-contact order against you. The order ensures that you avoid physical contact or communication with the victims of your crimes.
  • Electronic monitoring. The court can order a defendant to wear an ankle bracket for monitoring before bail release.

Benefits of Hiring a Rancho Mirage Bail Bonds Company

The first thing that comes to mind when you learn of a loved one’s arrest is the quickest way to secure their release. If you cannot post a cash or property bond for your loved one, seeking bail bond services is the most suitable option to ensure they do not spend more time in jail. When posting bail bonds, you will need a company to offer the assistance you need.

Your bail bond company will send a Rancho Mirage bail bondsman to bail your loved one out and offer you the expert guidance you need for the bail posting process. The benefits of working with a bail bonds company include the following:

Fast Release from Jail

A Rancho Mirage bail bondsman will post your loved one's bail once you sign the bail bond agreement. The bail bondsman will go to court and secure the defendant's release. Most bail bondsmen know the ins and outs of local jails and courts, which speeds up the release process. When you post a cash bail, you may need to go to court and wait for days for a chance to post bail and secure a defendant’s release.

Avoid Asset Liquidation

When the judge sets bail for a defendant, it can be paid in cash. Unfortunately, the total amount may not be possible for most defendants. This is because California courts are known for setting high bail amounts. Some people are tempted to liquidate assets and use the money to post bail. However, when you work with a bail bond company, you can secure your loved one's release without wiping out your savings or liquidating your valuable assets.

Cost Effectiveness

Bail bonds are the cheapest way to secure a release for a defendant while their criminal case is pending. Unlike cash bail, where you must present the full bail amount before the defendant is released, your financial burden is lower with a bail bond. The bail bond company will offer the total bail amount to the court in exchange for your loved one's release.

Your financial responsibility for a bail bond is paying a premium of up to 10% of your loved one's bail. This acts as a service fee and can be paid upfront or in installments. When the bail amount is high, some defendants may be unable to pay the service fee in one installment. Your Rancho Mirage bail bondsman will allow you to enter a bail bond repayment plan.

This involves making a down payment for the bail bond premium and covering the balance in affordable installments. Your eligibility for a repayment plan will depend on the amount you can offer as a down payment.

You Receive Expert Guidance

The role of a Rancho Mirage bail bonds company does not end when they post bail for your loved one. The bail bonds company is responsible for ensuring you understand each part of the process. This involves explaining to the defendant what the court requires of them after a release. The expert guidance from the bail bondsman makes the bail process easier.

Safeguard the Defendant's Privacy

When you work with a Rancho Mirage bail bonds company, the bail bondsman will go to court and handle the release process. Therefore, you will avoid trips to jail or court, which can expose your loved one’s affairs. Posting a bail bond is a great option to protect the defendant from stigmatization by society for being arrested or charged with a criminal offense.

Bail Denial in California

A criminal defendant can be released from jail before trial by posting bail in a California court. This allows the person to move on with their life while waiting for the court to schedule their trial and other court proceedings. Unfortunately, not all individuals are entitled to a bail release. Under certain circumstances, the judge can detain a defendant without bail. This means that the defendant will remain in detention until their case ends. Common grounds for bail denial include:

The severity of your Charges

The main factor that could cause a judge to deny your bail is the severity of your criminal charges. While most offenders facing felony and misdemeanor charges can secure a bail release, the court often orders detention for defendants facing charges for an offense punishable by life imprisonment or capital punishment.

In this case, the main reason for bail denial is the increased flight risk for defendants, who could face severe punishment for their crimes. Such a defendant may be tempted to flee after posting bail to avoid facing the consequences of their crimes. Some of the offenses for which you may be denied bail include armed robbery, murder, and rape.

Criminal History.

Another factor that could impact the judge’s decision to release you on bail after an arrest is your criminal history. This includes your past arrests and convictions. A defendant with an extensive criminal history of violent and serious offenses may be detained without bail. This is because continued criminal acts are viewed as disregard for the court system.

If you have been arrested for failure to attend a court hearing, your chances of securing release on bail will be lower.

Extent of Evidence in Your Case

Before filing criminal charges or pursuing a conviction, law enforcement officers will collect all the evidence to strengthen the prosecutor’s case against you. The strength of the evidence against you may determine your likelihood of securing a bail release. Sometimes, the prosecution has overwhelming evidence in your case, including witness testimony, DNA evidence, and video footage. In this case, the possibility of a conviction increases.

If there is no chance that you will win a criminal case, the judge may order that you be held without bail. This is because the possibility of a conviction could cause you to flee or harm other people involved in the case.

Your Flight Risk

The main aim of posting bail is to assure the court that a defendant will not flee after a release before trial. If the court has evidence showing that you are a flight risk, you could be detained without bail. One of the factors that could indicate your flight risk is the ties you have to the community. A person with permanent employment or strong family ties in the jurisdiction of arrest is less likely to flee after a bail release.

Community Safety

Posting bail allows defendants to continue living their normal lives as they wait for the court to schedule their trial and other court proceedings. Although this protects the defendant from the stigma associated with spending time behind bars, the judge will also protect the public from potential harm.

If there is a risk that you will cause harm to other people or that you are a threat to society, the judge can order that you be held without bail. For example, if you are arrested for assault or attempted murder of a witness, your release on bail puts the individual and their family at risk.

Detention centers in Rancho Mirage, CA, include:

Riverside County Sheriff's Department

73705 Gerald Ford Dr

Palm Desert, CA 92211


Palm Springs Jail

200 S Civic Dr

Palm Springs, CA 92262


Courts around Rancho Mirage, CA:

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside, Palm Springs Courthouse

3255 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

Palm Springs, CA 92262


Find a Competent Bail Bondsman Near Me

Individuals arrested for violating California law are placed in jail cells awaiting trial. At your first arraignment, the judge will set your bail by considering the different circumstances of your case. By posting bail, you could be released to go home and move on with your life while your case is pending. You can use different forms of bail to secure your loved one's freedom, including cash bail, property bonds, and bail bonds.

For individuals who cannot raise the full bail amount, seeking a bail bond is the best option to ensure that a loved one or friend does not spend unnecessary time behind bars. After entering the bail bond agreement, the bond company will send a bail bondsman to go to court and bail out your loved one. Bail bond companies allow low-income defendants to be released with a pending trial. However, you must pay for the bail bond services and offer collateral for the bail bond.

If you or a loved one faces an arrest and criminal charges in Rancho Mirage, CA, you will benefit from the fast and reliable bail bond services we offer at Fausto’s Bail Bonds. Call us at 951-445-4455 today for much-needed guidance.