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Securing bail after an arrest might not be easy. If you face a misdemeanor charge, you may secure your release through your own recognizance. But, if you face a felony charge, posting bail could be your only option to walk out of jail. The judge may also decide to deny the bail when you are a flight risk or when the offense is a violent felony.

Before you post the bail, you should understand how the bail bond works. Sometimes you may even lack the funds to post the bail. If this is your case, you can secure the services of bondsmen. The bondsmen will help you understand how you can post your bail. At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we will ensure you secure the bail. Therefore when the police arrest you in or around Menifee, contact our experienced bondsmen.

What Happens After an Arrest in Riverside County?

After the police arrest you, they will place you in a detention facility and conduct a booking exercise. The booking helps to create an official record of your arrest. Even when you post the bail immediately, the police will not release you until you complete the booking process.

The procedure will vary based on how the facility is busy. Speak with your attorney immediately after your arrest to help you understand your rights and what to do next. The booking process includes the following activities:

  • Taking a mugshot
  • Taking fingerprints
  • Recording your full names and addresses
  • Conducting body search
  • Checking for warrants
  • Health screening
  • Taking your personal property and clothes into custody

Bail Bond Types in Riverside County

In California, there are varied types of bail bonds. Each of them contains its own rules and purpose. The following are the common types of bail bonds:

  • Property Bonds

Property bonds are bail paid for by property collateral. The court must take the property if you don't meet the bond terms. The court accepts a property bond if the property used as the alien is sufficient to the amount required. To use property bonds, you want to have full rights of the property in question as collateral. Again, the court must view all documentation and decide in favor of your ability to secure a property bond. As per California laws, you cannot use partial properties as collateral. Real estate is a well-known type of property bond.

  • Citation Release Bond

Citation release means that, during arrest, you will not go to jail. Citation release depends on the discretion of the citing officer. The law enforcement officers issue you a citation to go home and show up in court. Citation release bonds are for written legal citations. To receive a citation release, you want to pay the total amount of the citation. Once you pay the amount, you will be free to leave the jail. The bond is the easiest and the best you can use. You want to talk with your arresting officer to issue a citation release bond.

  • Cash Bond

A cash bail bond is a bail you pay with cash and in full. Coming out of jail is an effortless task when you have the required amount in cash. The court returns the money to you after appearing in the court for all the hearings. After attending all your court dates, you will receive the amount back. Otherwise, the bail is forfeited to the government.

  • Surety Bail

A surety bond bids three parties together, you, the court, and the bail bond agents. You use a bail bond agency to pay the full bail amount in a surety bond. The agency pays the amount under the legal understanding you will pay the money back. Surety bonds usually cost you 10 percent of your bail upfront as incentives. The amount guarantees the agency receives 10 percent of its money back. If you don't pay the amount back, bail bond agents have legal authority over you. The bail bond agents take serious steps and may seize your property or even garnish your wages.

  • Immigration Bail Bond

Immigration bonds normally apply to people detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service who are non-citizens. The bail has strict requirements and complicated procedures that take a long time to complete. The immigration bond has the highest fee amount of 20 percent. The amount charged depends on the risk level, the defendant's potential to escape to their home country, and other involved risks. You don't want to handle immigration bail bonds without the help of a legal expert.

  • Federal Bond

In California, you pay a federal bail bond when facing charges for a federal crime. You want to pay a federal bond to secure your release. The bail is the most expensive and difficult to obtain. You want an insurance company to guarantee you when receiving a federal bond. The bond charges 15 percent of the bail.

Bail Hearing in Riverside County

In California, a bail hearing is a court proceeding where the judge decides to release the defendant while waiting for trial. During the proceeding, the judge decides to:

  • Release the defendant after posting a bail
  • Release the defendant through own recognizance
  • Deny the bail
  • Release the defendant without posting the bail

The judge considers the bail schedule when determining your bail. The bail schedule is a document with the presumptive bail amount for every charge. However, the law allows the judge to disagree with the bail schedule by either decreasing or increasing the bail amount. However, the judge will consider several aspects, including the defendant’s evidence and their likelihood of appearing in court proceedings.

The bail hearing allows the court to eliminate or reduce the defendant's bail amount. Note that the judge has the discretion to modify, reduce or eliminate the bail. The following are the main factors the defendant will consider while modifying the bail:

  • The nature of the crime
  • Defendants criminal history
  • Defendant's threat to public safety
  • Your financial ability to post the bail
  • Whether the defendant is a flight risk

If you face a severe offense like murder, the criminal court judge will not reduce your bail unless the judge has a good reason. The judge may also determine whether you walk out of jail through your own recognizance rather than paying the bail.

How to Post Bail in Menifee

You can seek bail services from a licensed and insured bail bond company if you have insufficient money to post the bail yourself. The company will help you post the bail. However, the bondsmen will charge you approximately 10% of the bail. For example, if your bail amount is $100,000, you will Pay the bondsmen $10,000.

After paying the fee, the bondsmen will deliver and seek your release. Note that the premium you pay to the bondsmen is nonrefundable. Again the bondsmen can allow you to place an item of value as collateral. In many cases, the item is a property since the property cannot disappear. When you fail to show up at the set court dates, the court will forfeit your bail. Work with our Menifee bail bonds agents to help you post the bail.

What Happens When You Fail to Appear at the Court?

If you secure your release through a cash bail, you risk forfeiting your bail amount once you fail to appear in court. The same would apply to the defendant if you used bondsmen services. Again, if you place collateral, the bail bond company will sell the property to recover their money. The bail bond company could hire bounty hunters to apprehend you if you did not place collateral.

The bondsmen will pay the bounty hunters a certain percentage of the bail only after apprehending you. The court gives the bondsmen a grace period to apprehend and return you to custody. The period is usually six months. However, you might have a valid reason for failing to appear in court. The reasons include:

  • You suffered severe injuries during or before the court dates
  • You became disabled and could not attend the scheduled court date.
  • You have a mental illness.

What are the Conditions of bail in Riverside County?

When the criminal court judge decides to reduce the bail, the court imposes conditions and terms. The law allows your attorney to suggest the conditions while convincing the judge to decrease the bail amount. For example, there are the primary conditions the court will set when placing the bail conditions. These conditions include:

  • Wearing a SCRAM device
  • Surrendering driving license and passport
  • Avoiding taking alcohol
  • Staying within the state
  • House arrest
  • Avoiding any contact with the victim

Why Work with Menifee Bail Bonds Company

Finding the best bondsmen to let your loved one or friend walk out of jail can be challenging, especially if it’s your first-time experience. Many bondsmen exist. However, you must know how to search for the best bail bond agents. Our Menifee bail bond agents are ready to help your loved one walk out first.

Experienced Bondsmen

After your arrest, the worst thing you can do is hire unprofessional, incompetent, and regrettably inexperienced bondsmen to help you walk out of jail. The bondsmen will only worsen your situation by delaying the bail bond process. Seek a bondsman without much delay. Our bail bond agents have decades of experience in providing bail bond services.

Again, no law states the bail bond company must comprise legal professionals. It is good to avoid bondsmen with little or no law knowledge. Our experts have a deep understanding of California laws. We also work closely with the courthouses around the state to ensure you post your bail immediately.

24/7 Bail Bond Services

When searching for the best bail bond company, you want to work with a company that offers bail services around the clock. Remember, an arrest may occur anytime, meaning you will require the bail services. For example, the police may arrest you during the night. So if you choose a bail bond company that provides bail services during the business hours alone, you will find it difficult to walk out of the detention facility. Our Menifee bail bond agents understand you want to resume your routine. We begin working on your case immediately after receiving your call, regardless of whether it's daytime or nighttime.

Excellent Reputation

The advancement in the internet has made it possible for many people to find credible and relevant information about a bail bond company. To know whether you are working with the best bail bond company, you want to go online and find the clients' reviews about the company.

Our bail bond company has good ratings and positive reviews for being helpful, reliable, and professional to the core. Avoid stress by working with our bail bond agents across the state of California. Do not wait. The right time to seek bail bond services is now.

Bilingual Services

In recent years, the Spanish-speaking community has been growing fast. Approximately 20% of the entire US speaks Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken in the US. Some clients may understand English but find it challenging to express themselves in English. That’s why we are here for the non-American citizens seeking to post bail. We help all clients secure a release immediately with our bilingual services. Again our bilingual services ensure our clients express themselves comfortably.

Flexible Payment Plans

When you work with our Menifee bail bonds agents, you will never be stressed paying the posting, mobile services, and processing fees. The only fee we charge our clients is the bail bond premium which is 10% of the total bail amount. It is illegal for bail bond companies to charge a fee beyond 10% in California.

Jail and court information in Menifee

Riverside County Detention Center

3535 12th street

Riverside, California 92501



Robert Presley Jail

4000 0range street

Riverside, California 92501



Southwest Jail

30755-B, Auld Road

Murrieta, California 92563



John J. Benoit Jail Center

82675 CA-111

Indio California 92201



Riverside Historic Court

4050 Main street

Riverside, California 92501



Riverside County Courthouse

4100 main street

Riverside, California 92501



Moreno valley court

13800 Heacock st

Moreno, CA 92553



Riverside Juvenile Court

9991 county farm road

Riverside, California 92503


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