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Banning Bail Bonds

Bail is money, property, or other security you surrender to the court. Once you post bail, the court releases you from custody before determining your case. The purpose of bail is to ensure you attend all your court hearings and that you do not commit additional crimes while your case is pending. California has a bail schedule that the judges use to guide them on the amount of bail to set. However, the judge has discretion on the amount of bail to set. The amount of bail the court sets depends on various factors. You can pay the bail amount in cash. But if you cannot afford the bail amount, you can enlist the services of a Banning Bail Bonds agent that pays bail on your behalf.

If you or your loved one is under arrest, you should contact a bail bond agent. The bail bond works with the authorities to post the bond on your behalf. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we have an exceptional track record. We have bailed thousands of defendants arrested for various charges in Banning. We also have a great rapport with the judges, prosecutors, and judges in Riverside County. Do you need to be bailed out of jail in Banning? Contact us today!

How The Courts Set Bail In Banning, Riverside County

Bail is money or property you surrender to the court to guarantee you will appear for your court hearings. California has a bail schedule that guides the judge on the bail amount to charge. However, the bail amount is not set in stone. When setting bail, the judge will consider several factors, including your criminal history, the nature of the crime, and the likelihood that you will show up for all your court hearings. The judge also considers your ability to pay bail. The state passed a law that makes it illegal to keep you behind bars if you cannot afford bail.

The judge can only keep you behind bars if your crimes are severe or if you have a history of contravening bail conditions. The judge may also determine you pose a high flight risk or have a history of violent behavior. In such cases, the judge may deny you bail. Failure to appear for a court date after being released on bail is a crime. A conviction of bail violation may result in a fine or jail time.

Factors The Judge Considers Before Lowering Bail

The judge can set bail as stipulated in the bail schedule. They can also increase or decrease the bail amount. It is critical to enlist the services of a lawyer to persuade the judge to lower your bail. However, the judge will consider some factors before agreeing to reduce the bail amount. The first factor is the nature and circumstances of the offense. The second factor is the strength of the prosecution's evidence against you. The third factor is your criminal background and your flight risk.

The judge also assesses whether you pose a danger to the community if released. They also consider the likelihood of committing new crimes while out on bail. Remember, the decision to reduce bail does not affect your guilt or innocence. If the court fails to reduce the bail amount, you can use the services of a Banning Bail Bonds agent who posts bail on your behalf if you cannot afford bail.

Can The Judge Deny You Bail In Banning?

In California, you are entitled to bail. But sometimes, the law requires the judge to deny bail. This can happen if the judge believes the crime is severe.  For example, murder, rape, and kidnapping are common crimes for which the judge can deny you bail.

If the court denies you bail, you will remain in custody until the court determines your case.  The judge may deny bail when the following circumstances apply. You have an extensive history of failure to appear in court in previous cases. You have a history of violence or have threatened violence while in jail. You have a history of violating the terms of your parole or probation, which is a violation of the law. Or you pose a danger to members of the community.

Can The Court Release You Without Bail In Banning?

The court can release you without bail in California. Your attorney can request the court to release you on your own recognizance. This means that you don't have to pay bail to be released. Instead, you promise in writing to attend all your court hearings and refrain from committing any crimes while you are out on bail.

The judge will evaluate your case and decide if the court can release you on your own recognizance. If the decision is in your favor, the court will release you without bail. Although you may not have to post bail, the court issues bail conditions that you must follow. If you fail to follow these conditions, the judge may issue a warrant for your arrest. If the judge finds that you contravened the bail conditions, the court may revoke your bail.

Who Is A Bail Bond Agent In California?

The bail system in California is complicated and confusing. The state has various types of bail, including bail in cash, bail in the form of property, and bail in the form of a bond. Each type of bail has its own rules, which vary substantially depending on the type of crime, your criminal background, and the judge. Bail conditions are rules that the court sets to deter you from committing a crime while out on bail.

Sometimes, the court may set the bail amount at a considerable amount. In some cases, you may not afford the bail amount. If you cannot afford to pay bail, you can use the services of a Banning Bail Bonds agent. A bail bonds company posts bail on your behalf. Bail bond agents require you to pay a non-refundable fee for the service they offer. Some may also charge you some additional charges.

According to the law, the maximum fee a bail bond agent can charge is 10% of the bail amount. If the court sets the bail amount at $100,000, the maximum fee the bail bond agent can charge you is $1,000. The bail bond agent also requires you to provide security for the bail amount they post on your behalf. The value of the security you offer must be greater than the bail amount. Some of the properties you can offer as security include a vehicle, land, house, or jewelry. If you do not have enough collateral to cover the bail amount, you can request your friends or family to become a cosigner. A cosigner offers their property that acts as additional security. However, the cosigner also becomes liable to pay the bail bond company should you skip town.

What Happens When You Fail To Show Up For Your Court Hearings

If you fail to show up for your court hearings, the court will issue an arrest warrant. The court may also forfeit the bail money. If you had used a Banning Bail Bonds agent to post bail on your behalf, the court might forfeit the bail the agent posed on your behalf. However, the court gives the bail bond agent a grace period to find and bring you back to the jurisdiction.  Most bail bonds agents use a bounty hunter to locate you and hand you over to the authorities. If the bounty hunter fails to find you, the court demands the full bail amount from the bail bond agent.

How To Choose A Bail Bond Company In California?

Bail bonds provide an avenue through which the courts release you from jail while you wait for the court to determine your case. However, you have to pay bail upfront. You can either pay bail in cash, surrender some of your property to the court or use a bail bonds agent. But it's important to note not all Banning Bail Bond agents offer stellar services. You must conduct due diligence before you settle on a particular agent.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bail bond agent.

  1. Choose A Bail Bond Agent That Has Operated For A Long Time.

It is essential to choose a bail bond agent that has worked in the bail bond industry for a long time. A new bail bond agent to the industry will not have the knowledge or experience needed to ensure you are released from jail quickly. A bail bond agent that has been in the industry for a long time has a track record. They also understand the California justice system, specifically the bail bond posting process. Additionally, they have created a rapport with the jurisdiction's judges, prosecutors, and police officers. This rapport is critical as it enables the bail bond agent to post your bail fast. The faster they post bail on your behalf, the sooner the authorities will release you from custody.

  1. Choose A Banning Bail Bond Agent That Charges A Fair Price.

It is critical to choose a bail bond agent whose charges are realistic. Although the law prohibits the Banning Bail Bonds agents from charging more than 10% of the bail amount, some agents have additional fees that can significantly increase the total charges. Some agents also offer discounts and offer as low as 8% of the bail amount. Other bail bond agents also offer 1% bail bonds to various unique groups, including military personnel, veterans, and other special groups. You should also check whether you qualify for the 1% bail bonds with your chosen company. Various agents have conditions you must meet to be eligible for the one percent bail bonds discount.

You should not select a bail bond agent based on their price alone. It would help if you also considered their professionalism. It is not necessarily true that the cheapest agents are the worst or the most expensive are the best. Choose a bail bond agent whose services are proportional to the fees they charge. The fee a bail bond agent charges should cover the time and effort the agent spends on your case.

  1. Choose An Agent With An Excellent Reputation.

Check online for reviews on Banning Bail Bond agents to ensure that the bail bond agent you choose has good reviews and a good reputation. You can also talk to friends and family who have used local bail bond agents. A bail bond agent in California should be a member of the California Department of Insurance. The law mandates the body to ensure all bail bonds agents abide by the rules. Therefore, you have confidence a bail bond agent with the necessary certification will offer professional services. 

Court And Jail Information In Or Near Banning, Riverside County.

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Spending time in jail is an unpleasant experience and finding a way for the authorities to release you becomes a top priority. You also need to prepare for your defense. Unfortunately, you cannot adequately prepare for your defense if you are behind bars. Therefore, it is critical to work towards your release from incarceration. One way to do so is to post bail. You can post cash bail or use the services of a Banning Bail Bonds agent.

However, you should work with a bail bond agent with a proven track record. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, our impeccable record speaks for itself. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who post bail on your behalf in the shortest time possible. Are you in Banning, Riverside County, California, and you need to be released on bail? We are here to help. Contact us today at 855-328-7867 for a free consultation.