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Banning Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested, they are made to wait in jail for their trial. The time you spend in jail is usually wasted time, especially if you have important responsibilities, for instance, preparing your defense or taking care of other personal and professional matters. Also, no one wants to spend any time locked up behind bars. This is where the help of a bail bonds company comes in. Fausto’s Bail Bonds is a company that helps people who have been arrested get back their freedom through release by bail. If you are in Banning, CA, you can count on us for support if you are looking for an efficient, professional, and reliable bail bond services.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are a type of agreement made by a detainee to appear in court for hearing or pay an amount of money that has been set by a court. The bond is signed by a bail bondsman on behalf of the defendant, who offers the money needed and then charges the accused some fee in profit as a guarantee that the money will be paid back.

Bail bonds are a type of security bond. It is only in the Philippines and the United States where you will find commercial bail bond systems. Other countries have a set of conditions and restrictions that are placed on offenders in exchange for their release from jail until they can appear in court for trial.

What benefits do bail bonds present?

Any person can be arrested for any crime at any given time. No one wants to be arrested, and many people find themselves facing arrest when they are needed to perform duties or when their lives are busy. Therefore, an arrest is an inconvenience that will deny people a chance to continue on with their lives, meet the needs of their families, go to work, or even run their businesses. It is for these reasons that bail bond companies are here, to ensure that even after an arrest, a person can still continue with their lives as they await trial.

The purpose of Banning Bail Bonds services is to give back the freedom to people who have been arrested. Through the intervention of a bail bonds company, the court agrees to release the defendant from jail in exchange for the bail bond.

The bail amount is usually set immediately after your arrest, and the amount of money you will be required to pay will be determined by several factors, such as:

  • The type of charge you are facing
  • The severity of the crime you are alleged to commit
  • The defendant's background - that is, whether or not they have a similar conviction in the past or a criminal record

Banning Bail bonds will allow a defendant to go on with their life even when they are facing criminal charges. For some people, their life comes to a standstill after arrest and could never be the same again if they are convicted. Getting back your freedom after arrest allows you to move on with life as you gather enough evidence and prepare for your defense.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When a person is arrested, they are given a bail hearing where they will appear before a judge. The judge can grant or deny bail and has complete discretion on the amount of bail a defendant will pay. If you are facing a severe charge such as violent crime, the judge can deny you bail, or he/she can set it high to make it impossible for you to pay. This way, you will no longer be a threat to society. However, a well-established Banning Bail Bonds agency can post bail for any amount of money as long as you give them a guarantee of honoring your court dates.

When the time to set the bail comes, judges have a wide range of amounts to pick from, depending on the jurisdiction. An offender facing a non-violent misdemeanor charge can, for instance, get a bail of $500 or more if they have prior convictions. The bail for a felony charge will be set higher and could go up to $20,000.

Once the bail has been set, the defendant is allowed to decide to either remain in custody as they await their trial or to pay the bail bond and report to the court on the date set for the trial. Note that the full amount of bail has to be paid until the case is determined.

If the defendant wants to get out as quickly as they can, the only option they have is to pay the full bail amount. Some courts will accept some form of collateral such as a title to a house or anything of the same value as the set amount. However, for a defendant who does not have anything of value to use as collateral, bail bonds companies are always there to offer help.

Bail Bond Companies

Bail bonds companies are agencies that offer to pay the bail amount in full on behalf of defendants to guarantee that the defendants will appear in court as set on the trial dates. These agents provide a written agreement to criminal courts as a guarantee to that effect. For this guarantee, they take 10% of that bail upfront as a fee for their services, which could increase in additional fees.

Since the agents do not know the defendants well, they might request a statement to show the creditworthiness of the person whose bail they want to guarantee. Some will ask for collateral, which could be securities or property. Most bail bond companies accept valuable properties as collateral, including jewelry, cars, homes, bonds, and stocks.

As soon as the bail bond is provided, the court will release the defendant until the trial date.

Conditions for Posting Bail

For a defendant to be granted bail, the court will issue out certain conditions that he/she will have to observe. The conditions set by the court are designed to serve one or two of the following purposes:

  • To make sure that the defendant appears in court on the date set for trial
  • To protect the community where the defendant is going back

Just the same as the bail amount, judges have complete discretion in setting these conditions. They will go for conditions that are most reasonably necessary according to the case at hand and the type of defendant they are releasing back to the community.

The most common conditions include:

  • The requirement to abide by all the set state laws. Breaking any law and getting arrested for will see you getting locked up once again, and you may never get to post bail again.
  • The requirement to stay away from all types of drugs and alcohol use, you might even be required to participate in the testing for these drugs. This is more so if the case at hand involved drugs.
  • The defendant is not allowed to possess or handle any weapon. You would not be allowed to handle any firearm while out on bail, even if the crime you allegedly committed did not involve firearms.
  • He/she may be required to stay away from certain people or places if the court feels that he/she will be a danger to those people or people living in a certain place. This condition can also be used if the court feels that the defendant may interfere with evidence if they are allowed access to certain people or places.
  • The court will require the defendant to seek and maintain stable employment. Keeping a job for the period, you will be out on bail ensures that you can easily be monitored and located if needed.
  • The requirement to comply with certain travel restrictions, the court may not allow you to travel out of the state while out on bail. Sometimes a defendant may be required to remain in their residence unless they are otherwise instructed by the court.
  • The defendant will also be required to do pre-trial checks with a service officer from time to time to ensure that they are complying with the conditions given.

The types of conditions a defendant receives are determined by:

  • Their criminal history
  • Their mental and physical condition
  • The nature of the crime he/she is alleged to commit

If you violate the conditions of bail, you will first be given a warning. If the violation was serious, or you keep violating the conditions, a warrant of arrest will be issued against you. The court may revoke your bail, and you will be put back in custody. Our professionals offering Banning Bail Bonds services will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are not violating any of the conditions.

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If you or your loved one has been arrested, getting in touch with a bail bondsman is the right thing to do if you do not want to spend more time behind bars. A reliable Banning Bail Bonds company that will act quickly to secure your release is precisely what you need. Fausto’s Bail Bonds is your best option if you are seeking efficient, reliable, and professional bail bond services. Call us at 951-922-1765 and let us get the process started.