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You already have lots of stress and anxiety to deal with when facing jail time. The last thing you want is to struggle with posting bail. Most defendants lose hope along the way. Before they know it, much time has passed while still in custody. Do not allow yourself to handle it all alone. You could end up wasting valuable time that should be spent preparing for trial. If you find trouble posting bail because you do not have enough cash or valuable assets to dispose of, find a trustworthy bond dealer.

Fausto’s Bail bonds will help if you face jail time in La Quinta. Our skilled and professional agents will take the burden off your shoulders. We will quickly take you through the process until you can post bail. We offer friendly rates and are available any time you need our help.

What To Do After a La Quinta Arrest

The police are pretty busy in Riverside County, ensuring that everyone abides by the set laws. If they suspect anyone of committing a crime, they arrest the person on the spot. Arrests in the county are also made after issuing an arrest warrant. If a judge requires a suspected offender to appear in court, he/she will issue a warrant for their arrest. The police will quickly act on that order. It means that a suspect can face arrest for various reasons. Additionally, law enforcement has no specific time to make arrests. Therefore, your arrest can happen during the day or night.

Typically, when a suspect faces an arrest in California, they are taken to the nearest police station. The arresting officer will proceed to book the suspect. Booking entails taking down the suspect’s identifying information, including their name, physical address, date of birth, employment details, and contact information. An officer will take the suspect’s mugshots and fingerprints and feed them into the police database. An officer will open a file for the suspect and include any crucial information, including the charges they face and criminal history. After the booking, the suspect remains in custody until a judge orders for their release of further incarceration.

What happens after the booking will determine whether the suspect will be freed on bail or detained until their case’s conclusion. Thus, defendants need to stay informed of their rights and options to avoid remaining in custody when they should be out there preparing for trial. A defendant can ask an officer about their bail options and the process. But the decision on whether they will post bail rests with the judge.

The First Arraignment

The California justice system has processes and procedures that the police, judges, and clerks must follow soon after a suspect is arrested and placed in custody. Therefore, what follows a person’s booking is the first arraignment. It is the first hearing a suspect will attend. The hearing is presided over by a court judge. The main subject of this hearing is bail. By the end of the hearing, the suspect will know if they are eligible for bail and how much they will be required to post to guarantee their appearances and bail options. The suspect can be represented by an attorney in this hearing or not.

The judge will mention every defendant’s right to bail in California. Everyone has a right to remain free until a jury determines them guilty after a fair trial. California law requires the police and judges to release suspects after an arrest to attend their trial out of jail. But there are exceptions to this rule. Not all arrestees are eligible for bail. A suspect’s bail eligibility is dependent on factors like:

  • The circumstances of their case
  • Their criminal record
  • Ties within their community
  • Ability to post bail

For instance, if a defendant faces charges for a grave felony, the judge can deny their right to bail if their release will compromise their community’s safety.

Suspects with a severe criminal history can also be unsuitable for bail if the judge feels that they can commit other offenses while out on bail. If a suspect has strong community ties like a family or a stable job, the judge will be convinced that he/she will remain within the court jurisdiction throughout the trial period.

Also, a suspect’s ability to post bail is crucial. If a defendant fails to post bail, they will stay in custody until their case ends.

California Bail

It is crucial to know how bail works in California and how it can benefit you if you face jail time.

All defendants have the right to bail, except in the particular situations mentioned above. Thus, a defendant will likely know their eligibility and how much they should post as bail to secure their freedom. Sometimes a defendant is not required to pay bail. Judges offer freedom on personal recognizance, especially to first offenders and defendants facing charges for lenient misdemeanors. Judges offer personal recognizance release at their discretion. If a defendant is lucky enough to be granted freedom on their own recognizance, they will not pay any money to guarantee their court appearances.

If a defendant is not suitable for freedom on their own recognizance, they could be eligible for cash bail or property bond. Cash bail entails paying the entire bail in cash or other payment options like checks and money orders. It is as straightforward as it sounds. The judge assures the defendant of receiving a refund after their case, regardless of the outcome. However, most defendants face the challenge of raising the entire bail, especially if it is more than they can afford at that instance. Some are forced to borrow from family and friends or sell off valuables to quickly raise money.

Alternatively, a defendant could give a property bond to a court to guarantee their court appearances. A property bond is paid in the form of something valuable the defendant has, whose current market value is more significant than their bail. The defendant gives the court the right to trade the property if they skip bail. That could happen if the defendant fails to appear in court as ordered or violates other terms of his/her bail. Unfortunately, property bonds take time to process. The court needs to involve an appraiser to determine the property’s value. Then an expert will go through the property’s documents to verify their authenticity. That could keep the defendant in jail longer.

The most common bail option for most defendants is surety bonds. Third-party bond dealers offer these to courts on behalf of defendants. A defendant has to approach a bond dealer operating within the court jurisdiction for assistance to post bail if they cannot raise cash or afford a property bond. Surety bonds are pretty straightforward because professional and experienced bond dealers offer them. These dealers are familiar with the local jails and courts processes. Therefore, they can obtain a defendant’s release quickly.

Bail Conditions

California bail is offered under strict conditions that defendants must meet to avoid additional problems with the court. Judges set bail conditions according to the defendant's charges. But there are standard conditions that are common, like:

  • Honoring all court dates
  • Staying out of trouble with the police throughout the bail period
  • Finding a job
  • Making regular reports to the court
  • Not using drugs and/or alcohol throughout the bail period.

The most critical bail condition is for the defendant to ensure they appear in court on all set dates. Failing to do so could cause them to face additional charges for failing to appear. On top of that, the court could forfeit their bail, and that will translate to a significant monetary loss on their part. Therefore, you need to advise your loved ones to show up on all their court dates. That will also save you the trouble of raising a large amount of money, especially if you are the co-signer for their bail bonds.

Working With a La Quinta Bond Dealer

If your loved one faces jail time, you could help secure their freedom before they lose much time in jail. You will not require cash bail or property bond to do that. La Quinta bail bonds are fast and reliable. In just minutes, your loved one will be out of jail and back to their everyday life.

An arrest is life-altering. It can delay many aspects of a person’s life. For instance, a defendant will not return to work until freed on bail. Some families are seriously disrupted after the arrest of their primary caregiver. Bail bonds make it quicker and easier for families and friends to help secure their loved one’s freedom immediately after their arrest.

La Quinta bail bonds are obtainable at a standard charge of 10% of the bail. Some dealers charge less based on the details of the case and the offender’s criminal history.

You can effortlessly find inexpensive bail bonds on the internet today. You will pay a premium for the services, and then an agent will start the bail process. Premium is non-refundable as it constitutes the fee you will pay for the agent’s services.

After paying the premium, the bond agent will sign the necessary documents with the court, pledging to pay your loved one’s full bail if they fail to honor court dates. The agent will pay a percentage of the bail then offer a surety if the court forfeits the bail.

You could be required to act as a co-signer for your loved one’s bail bonds. As a cosigner, you will pledge to pay the bond dealer the full bail if your loved one skips bail. A co-signer assures the bond agent that the company will not suffer a loss if the defendant fails to appear.

Bond dealers also ask for collateral when providing La Quinta bail bonds. Collateral is anything valuable the agent can sell off to raise the bail if the defendant skips bail. That also protects the bond dealer from incurring significant losses. Bond dealers accept all types of valuable properties and items, including jewelry, vehicles, home or land titles, and art collections.

The Benefits

Bail bonds are the most preferred means out of jail by most defendants and their families in Riverside County. It is because they offer several benefits you could miss if you opt for cash bail or a property bond.

For instance, bail bonds are very fast to obtain. La Quinta bond dealers are always ready to help. Quickly contact your preferred bond dealer in town and see how fast they start the process. Bond agents know how desperate one can be when facing jail time. Several aspects of their life could be affected if suspects remain incarcerated much longer. That is why they act fast.

La Quinta bail bonds are confidential too. An arrest is humiliating, especially if you face serious criminal charges. The last thing a defendant wants is for everyone in town to learn of their predicament. Bond dealers work discreetly to help defendants out of jail. They will not share the information with anyone, including the personal details you provide to process the bail.

La Quinta bail bonds are also affordable. Bond dealers are willing and ready to negotiate their charges since their main goal is to assist your loved one post bail.

Lastly, bond dealers are available to ensure you can find help whenever you need it. You do not have to wait for hours to find help with your loved one’s bail. You can speak to a bond agent even at night.

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It is difficult to imagine what would happen if you remain in jail after an arrest. So much could go wrong, including the possibility of losing your family and job. The good news is that you can find help if bail is unaffordable to you or the person in jail. Fausto’s Bail Bonds are offered by professional and reliable agents that are willing to go out of their way to reduce your loved one’s jail time. Contact us at 855-328-7867 for more information about our surety bonds and help with the process.