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When the police arrest you for any alleged crime, the chances are that you will need to post bail to secure your release, especially if the allegations you are up against are severe. Typically, posting bail means putting your money or property as security for your freedom before the alleged case’s verdict.

Since the total monetary amount the court could require as bail for your release is often high, it could be challenging to pay your bail immediately to secure your needed freedom. However, you do not have to stay in jail because your bail is too high or unaffordable. If your bail is steep, you can work with a bail bond dealer to cover it at a reasonable fee.

At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we understand the financial strain that comes with being under arrest and requiring to post bail. If you need quick Desert Center Bail Bonds, look no further because our bail bond dealers are here for you. We are here every day and night to ensure you have someone to rely on if you cannot afford the required bail after an arrest.

Do’s and Don’ts After an Arrest in Desert Center

Dealing with law enforcement officers upon an arrest can be a stressful and tricky experience. However, you have options pending the outcome of the alleged crime. Below is a guide on what you should do and not do upon an arrest if you want to be on the safe side of the law:


Although you are nervous after falling into the hands of the police, you should remember that you have constitutional protections. Here is what to do after an arrest to protect your best interests:

  • Remain silent if possible
  • Stay calm
  • If you are under arrest for a drunk driving charge, it is wise to submit to sobriety tests required by the officers, including breathalyzer tests
  • Cooperate physically with the arresting officer

By staying calm and demonstrating that you are a law-abiding citizen, you could stand a chance of beating the alleged case.


Here is what you should not do during your dealings or interaction with officers after an arrest as a suspect or culprit in any crime:

  • Disclose information that could jeopardize your chance of winning the accused case
  • Shout obscenities
  • Struggle with the arresting officers
  • Attempt to run from the arresting officers

Three Main Reasons Why You Need to Post Bail After an Arrest in Desert Center, Riverside County

If you have an opportunity to pay bail upon an arrest, you should do whatever you can to do so for the following reasons:

You Stand a Better Chance to Prepare the Best Defense When You are Out Of Jail

While your defense attorney will do all the legal preparations to fight your case at trial, you need to be readily available whenever he/she needs your contribution in building defenses to fight the alleged crime. That would be much easier if you are not behind bars, where you can only talk with your attorney at approved times.

Therefore, posting bail is an opportunity you cannot overlook if you want to work closely with your attorney to prepare defenses that could convince the judge to dismiss or reduce the alleged charges.

You Can Take Care of Your Family

Undoubtedly, family matters are some of the reasons that make arrestees eager to pay bail upon an arrest to be home without delay. If you have a child or children under eighteen years, it is wise to post bail upon an arrest to be there for them before your case trial date.

When you secure your release from jail by posting bail, you can attend your children’s events and games to make long-lasting memories with them, especially if you anticipate the court to return a guilty judgment on the accused charge. Also, being out of police custody will allow you to plan and strategize how your family and children will live comfortably in your absence.

You Can Continue With Your Job and Contribute to the Community

Posting bail allows you to regain the freedom you require to continue working and earning. Although you will need to inform or notify your employer of the ongoing situation, the opportunity to continue with your employment and earn your deserved income is one of the most significant benefits of securing bail after an arrest.

Generally, securing your freedom on bail after an arrest allows you to continue earning to raise enough money to support your family and hire a private attorney for the best legal representation in court.

Reasons Why You Need to Work With a Desert Center Bond Dealer Upon an Arrest

According to market research by IBISWorld, the bail bond industry is worth a market value of approximately $2 billion. That means several defendants or arrestees choose to work with a bond dealer to obtain their release from jail upon an arrest. Below are some of the reasons why you need Desert Center Bail Bonds if you are in police custody for any alleged offense:

You Will Not Put Your Money on the Line

When you decide to pay the needed bail amount in cash, you must pay the entire amount to secure your release from jail. Since this amount is often unaffordable and high, most arrestees work with a bond dealer.

Instead of liquidating your assets or asking for contributions from your friends and family to pay cash bail, you could have your freedom back without delay by working with a bond dealer. Typically, the bond dealer you choose to work with will sign a contract with the court, agreeing to pay your bail when you decide not to make an appearance at your scheduled court hearings.

That means you will not suffer the financial strain of paying your bail in cash if that money is not readily available after an arrest. In exchange for your freedom, you will pay a fee or premium of 10 % of the total scheduled bail amount to your bond dealer for their resources and prompt assistance in this time of need.

You Access the Necessary Legal Guidance

Although the bond agent you will choose will not represent you in court, he/she can offer you the legal guidance that you need to protect your best interest before the alleged case’s judgment.

Since these agents play a crucial part in the legal justice system, you will also enjoy their legal expertise and guidance when you choose to obtain a bail bond to secure your freedom after an arrest. Generally, an experienced bond agent will know the correct procedures to follow and documents to file during the bail process to secure your release within the shortest time possible.

Apart from that, a reliable bond dealer will also inform you of your requirements and obligations after securing your release on bail. Typically, bail conditions the court will need you to abide by after obtaining your freedom will depend on your unique case and criminal history. Here are some of the most common prohibitions after securing a release from jail on bail:

  • Using illegal drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Traveling or moving out of your county or state without informing relevant authorities
  • Missing court-scheduled hearings

This legal knowledge and guidance are necessary, especially if it is your first-time posting bail.

What to Consider When Hiring a Bond Dealer

When your freedom is at stake, you cannot risk settling for the services of any bond dealer you find online without exhausting your options. Taking time to choose a reliable bail bond dealer can make a significant difference in the overall bail bond process to have your necessary freedom back without delay.

Here are tips to help you find a reliable bond dealer for quick Desert Center Bail Bonds services:

Find a Desert Center Bail Bonds Dealer With Years of Experience

Because the bail bond process could vary by jurisdiction, retaining the services of an experienced bond dealer is a brilliant idea if you want prompt bail bond services. An experienced bond dealer will know how to navigate relevant court procedures and laws to help you obtain your deserved release without unnecessary time wastage.

Although experience is not an automatic guarantee of professionalism and competence, it is certainly one way to find a reliable bail bond dealer in this field full of mediocre experts.

Find an Understanding and Compassionate Bond Dealer

Generally, a reliable bond dealer must be understanding and compassionate because being under arrest is a stressful and nervous experience. To know whether or not your prospective bond agent is compassionate about your situation, you should pay attention to how he/she responds to your questions during your initial consultation with him/her.

A compassionate and understanding bond dealer will listen to your questions carefully and give thorough responses to earn your confidence in his/her services. If you think your potential bond dealer is rude or judgmental, you should trust your guts and explore other options out there for speedy Desert Center Bail Bonds that you need.

Find a Bond Dealer With 24/7 Services

Since arrests are typically unplanned events, you could find yourself behind bars and in need of bail, even on the weekend or perhaps at night. Hence, a reliable bond dealer understands the importance of being available for their clients 24/7.

Knowing that you can count on a bail bond dealer to help you secure your freedom, regardless of the time of the day or night, can give you one less thing to worry about if you are in jail for any alleged offense.

When police arrest you at night for an alleged drunk driving offense, you could have your freedom back within the minimum time possible if you decide to work with a  bond dealer with 24/7 services. If your potential bond dealer is not picking your first call in the middle of the night when you need his/her immediate help, it is probably because he/she prefers to work on “usual” daytime business hours.

In that case, you do not have to wait until he/she is back in the office to hear or respond to your concerns.

Find a Reputable Bond Dealer

Undoubtedly, the reputation of your prospective bond dealer can speak volumes about their quality of services to expect. Although some bond dealers advertise their services publicly, most business deals they secure come from past clients who were happy with their quality of services. Hence, creating and maintaining a positive reputation is a great marketing strategy to attract more customers to their business.

One way to find out whether your prospective bond dealer is reputable or not is by reading his/her past client’s reviews on his/her social media profiles and website. If his/her past clients’ are unhappy with his/her quality of services, you should explore more options to find a reputable bond dealer for speedy bail bond services that you need.

When hiring a bond dealer, these tips will lessen your available choices to point out a reliable bond dealer without hassle for speedy Desert Center Bail Bonds services.

Riverside County Jail and Court Addresses

The following court and jail addresses will be helpful if you need Desert Center Bail Bonds services to assist your dear friend in obtaining his/her release from police custody:

Jail Addresses

Riverside Sheriff’s Department

4095 Lemon Street

Riverside, Ca


Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, CA 92501


Courthouse Addresses

Riverside County Superior Court

30755 Auld Road

Murrieta, CA 92563


Riverside Family Law Courthouse

4175 Main Street

Riverside, CA 92501


Find a Bond Dealer Near Me

Events that follow after an arrest can be confusing and stressful, especially if you need to post bail to have your freedom back. Fortunately, you do not have to go through these moments alone. Working with a bond dealer can save you a lot of unnecessary stress to have your freedom back within the shortest time possible.

We invite you to call bond dealers at Fausto’s Bail Bonds at 855-328-7867 if you need Desert Center Bail Bonds services. Our friendly bond dealers are available and accessible 24/7 to ensure you or someone you care about is out of jail without delay if posting cash bail is not an option.