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Arrest and detention could happen unexpectedly, leaving you with limited options of walking out of jail. Moreover, the bail and bond terms often implemented by courts will require you to pay an expensive amount to secure your jail exit. As a result, most detained persons may have difficulty leaving the detention centers. Nonetheless, you can partner with a bail bonds service provider for the best chances of exiting jail on time. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we dedicate our expertise to serving detained clients seeking to leave jail on bail in Lake Elsinore, California. Our wealth of experience in providing bail bond services makes us the best option for you, as we aim to provide excellent and timely services.

What Posting Bail Entails

An arrested person is detained soon after apprehension primarily to allow officers to undertake further investigations on the reported matter. Sometimes, your detention may also help de-escalate a violent or chaotic situation that occurred as you allegedly committed the offense.

For example, if reports show that you participated in a violent gang robbery, you will remain in jail until all gang members are arrested, or their whereabouts are known. Similarly, a person arrested for drunk driving may have to stay in custody until they sober up. This way, they can provide the required details during the booking process and drive themselves home safely upon subsequent release.

Although the arrest process is necessary for law enforcement to undertake their duties, the arrested suspects have a right to exit the jail, provided the nature of their charges allows it. You can pursue release from jail through various avenues, including:

Release on Own Recognizance

When you opt for release on your recognizance, you will have accepted your participation in unlawful activities and will have justified the arrest. The option is available for suspects seeking a straightforward release process, as you only need to confess to having broken the law.

Once the officers have your confession or acceptance in committing an offense, they will have you sign documents to pledge your attendance of subsequent court proceedings. In return, you can return to your everyday life, awaiting further court directives.

Although the option may seem stress-free and straightforward, your confession may be detrimental to your case progress. This is because you will have already accepted the participation in crime, meaning the outcome is predictably a guilty verdict.

Release on an Infraction/Warning

Moreover, officers may have apprehended you for a minor offense, allowing you to leave custody on an infraction and warning. The release option is available for persons looking to avoid the lengthy court trial process by paying a small fine instead. Like release on your own recognizance, you will have admitted to committing an offense, meaning that your records will still indicate the criminal involvement.

Release on Bail or Bond

Finally, you can choose to exit jail by posting bail or bond, whereby you pay a monetary amount determined in court in exchange for your freedom. Bail and bond provisions allow persons facing more serious charges to regain their right to leave jail pending a final determination on their criminal case.

This is because an arrested person should always be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Thus, holding the suspect in detention for allegedly committing an offense without the option of release on bail would violate constitutional provisions.

Before posting bail, you will need to agree to conform to court provisions because your release does not warrant complete freedom. Therefore, the presiding judge should inform you of the court’s expectations as you continue to navigate trial while free on bail or bond.

The most important guideline to adhere to is attending all court proceedings as directed by the presiding judge. Failure to do so would slow down the case progress, resulting in an ultimate delay in dispensing justice. Consequently, an unjustified court absence will lead the presiding judge to issue forfeiture orders on the amount posted as bail.

A forfeiture order means that the court retains ownership and possession over the funds deposited as bail owing to your non-compliance with the release directives. Usually, the judge cannot reverse a forfeiture order, so you will lose the entire amount upon failing to attend court.

You can avoid this by working with a criminal defense attorney to help you keep tabs on important court dates. Moreover, working with a Lake Elsinore Bail Bonds service is an excellent option, as your bail bonds agent will send reminders on essential court dates. This way, you do not have to worry about jeopardizing the fee paid as bail or bond.

How to Estimate Your Bail or Bond Amount

Since you will still be in detention when seeking avenues to post bail, you will need to estimate the required bail amount for the charges you face. Doing so will help prepare the bail bonds agent handling your case to source the funds in advance and avoid delays.

You can estimate the required bail amount by requesting a bail schedule while in jail. All detention facilities should avail the documents, as they are important reference material for arrested persons to plan their payment options.

The bail schedule contains all crimes listed in the Penal Code and other statutory provisions that provide court-based punitive measures for offenses. A minimum and maximum bail or bond range is available for reference for each charge.

Although you can rely on the information listed in the bail schedule, you should note that it only provides a payment range and not the exact payable amount. Thus, you will need to appear before a judge to determine the specific bail fee applicable to your case.

The Bail Hearing

Your court arraignment should happen within twenty-four hours of your arrest following constitutional provisions. Thus, you want to prepare for the court arraignment on time to help you answer the judge’s inquiries and plead for leniency if necessary.

During the bail hearing, the judge expects you to take a plea so that they can determine whether to issue bail orders. Upon pleading not guilty, your matter will have to proceed into the trial, meaning that you will be required to exit jail in the meantime until the case is closed.

On the other hand, by pleading guilty you accept the charges as read and do not need to face trial. Most cases of this nature do not proceed, as the judge will only issue sentencing. Hence, bail or bond orders do not apply.

Before issuing a specific bail amount payment order, the judge will make several considerations to ensure it is fair and proportionate to the charges. Some common factors considered include:

  • Whether you are a flight risk.
  • Whether you pose a security threat to your community.
  • The severity of your offense.
  • Whether you are a repeat offender.

If most factors display your character in a positive light, you can expect to receive a bail order in the lower range, compared to offenders whose characters evoke negative aspects.

How Your Bail Bonds Agent Helps You Exit Jail

After receiving court orders during the bail hearing, your agent will be ready to proceed with the processes necessary to help you exit jail. Learning the procedures and requirements they need to satisfy will help you better prepare to collaborate with them. In return, you can expect to leave jail sooner, as the processes will be smoother to complete.

Firstly, the Lake Elsinore Bail Bonds agent you work with will require your details to help identify you in the court systems. Therefore, they will contact you from the detention center or liaise with a loved one at home to access the essential information. The following are the details required to begin the bail release process:

  • Your full name
  • The detention center location
  • The type of charge you face
  • Your address and phone number
  • Employment or business location details
  • The estimated bail amount required

If you had the bail bonds agent present during the bail hearing, they do not have to contact you again to access the details, as they will likely have noted them down in court. However, if you had a criminal lawyer present in court instead, it is important to ensure that they convey tour details to the bail bonds agent as soon as possible to fast-track the process.

When the agent receives all critical details, they can lodge an official application in court for your release. Depending on the type of charges you face, the process may require you to sign some documents. If so, your bail bonds agent will find a mode of communication to the detention station, where the officers will help you attach your e-signature.

The documents are then forwarded to the relevant court representative for processing and approval. The agent will also deposit the money required as bail in compliance with the court directives. At this stage, all you have to do is await further communication concerning your release. If the application and payment processes were completed accurately, you could expect to exit the detention center within a few hours of arrest, thanks to the bail bond services.

Providing a Collateral to Your Lake Elsinore Bail Bonds Company

After a bail bonds agent is assigned to your case, the company will require you to deposit collateral for the services they are about to provide. The requirement is security to the service provider in Lake Elsinore, as they will be making payments on your behalf. Since they are a company relying on retaining funds to provide their services, they must secure their interests and protect the amount deposited as your bail.

Thus, the collateral property you provide should match the value of the bail amount you were ordered to pay in court. You should note that the company will release the property you submit to them as soon as your case concludes and they receive the bail deposit back.

This would mean that you complied with all court orders and did not trigger a forfeiture order on the bail amount posted by the company you are working with. Hence, your compliance with court directives or lack thereof forms a domino effect. It may result in losing your collateral property if the bail bonds company loses the amount deposited on your behalf.

Fees Applicable for Bail Bond Services

When your bail bonds agent completes the bail payment process and secures your release, you will need to consider the service fees chargeable for the assistance you receive. Typically, Lake Elsinore Bail Bonds service providers will charge 10% of the total bail amount issued in court for services.

For example, if your bail was set at $60,000, the bail bond agent will pay the total amount for your release, then issue a $6000 invoice for services. Due to this, your fees may vary depending on the court’s determination.

Exploring Payment Plans for the Bail Bond Services

While the percentage figure chargeable as a bail bonds service fee is fixed, your bail amount may be set at a high price. Consequently, your service fees will be proportionate to the bail amount, meaning you will still pay an expensive cost. Understandably, you will require an elaborate payment plan to help you make repayments within a stipulated period.

Therefore, if you believe that the amount payable as a service fee is too high to pay as a lump sum, you can approach your bail bonds agent and request a payment plan. The structure should accommodate your financial flexibility, allowing you to make payments in installments. Our Lake Elsinore Bail Bonds company is happy to accommodate your needs and preferences to ensure you enjoy a less stressful process.

Lake Elsinore Jail and Court Information

The first few minutes or hours after arrest are crucial in determining the possible release time for a detained person. Thus, if you are working to help them leave jail, you will need important jail and court contact details. This way, you will easily access services and important guidelines to help begin the bail bond process. Necessary jail and court information in Lake Elsinore include:

Riverside County Superior Court

30775 Auld Road,

Murrieta, California,

92563, United States.


Riverside County Sheriff’s Department-Lake Elsinore Station

330 W Limited Avenue,

Lake Elsinore, California,

92530, United States.


Murrieta Sheriff’s Department County Jail

30775 Auld Road,

Murrieta, California,

92563, United States.


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Upon your or a loved one’s arrest, the primary goal is to secure their release from jail as soon as possible. Doing this will help your loved one prepare for the upcoming trial and give them enough time to plan their domestic and financial affairs. Therefore, you want to work with a skilled and experienced bail bonds agent to help you exit jail at the earliest opportunity. By contacting us, the Fausto’s Bail Bonds, you have access to some of the best bail bonds agents helping arrested persons exit jail in Lake Elsinore, California. We understand the importance of returning to your everyday life as soon as possible without having to worry about expensive bail costs. For more information on accessing our services, call us today at 855-328-7867.