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Riverside Bail Bonds

Upon arrest, many defendants rely on bail (whether cash bail or bail bond) to secure their release from police custody. Fausto’s Bail Bonds offers Riverside bail bonds to those in custody across Riverside County seeking jail release. We can post bail with the court to ensure you are released from jail pending your subsequent court proceedings.

How Do We Operate?

As a bail bond company, we usually charge defendants a premium (which is nonrefundable) for us to deposit Bail Bonds with the court. Riverside Bail bonds are supposed to amount to the agreement reached by the person/entity posting it and the government. In this case, the agreement a bail bond agent will make with the government is to release a defendant from police custody. In return, the government will expect the released individual to return to court.

The guarantee that you will appear in a courtroom is supported by the bail bond that a bail agent posts on your behalf. If you do not honor the agreement (by failing to show up in court), the bail bond agent will be forced to forfeit the whole bail amount. The bail bond company will also devote its resources into locating you for you to appear in court.

An Example of a Riverside Bail Bond

If a local court sets your bail amount at $10,000, Riverside Bail Bonds agencies may charge you a premium of $1,000. The nonrefundable fee allows us to service our business while posting your bail with the court. An agency may hire a bounty hunter to find you and return you to custody to avoid the bail bond from being forfeited to the state.

What Happens to You After Failing to Make a Court Appearance?

Under California's state laws, it is unlawful to fail to appear in court when requested to do so. Once you skip a court appearance, you may continue facing your pending criminal charges and may forfeit the bail amount. Additional charges for skipping bail may also be added to your pending case.

Securing Your Temporary Release After an Arrest

One concern you may have when detained in police custody is how you will get out in the fastest way possible. Most people feel uncomfortable spending the night or several days in jail as they wait for trial. Since you want to get out of jail, a judge may grant you bail to secure your temporary release. Bail amounts are usually set by judges in a special court proceeding known as the bail hearing or first court appearance known as the arraignment.

Courts use various bail algorithms to inform their decisions regarding pretrial releases. In this case, a pretrial release is granted to a defendant prior to a scheduled trial date. Bail algorithms factor in your criminal history and age to help determine your risk of committing another offense or appearing in court. Your bail may be set to a higher amount if you are facing serious criminal charges or a lower amount if you are facing less serious crimes.

Conditions of Release

Bail is not supposed to be a means the government uses to raise money or punish an individual for being a suspect in a crime. Instead, the purpose of the bail amount is to allow you (the arrested individual) to be free until the court convicts you of the crime. You can entrust our company to post Bail Bonds for you to join your family and friends outside of jail as soon as possible. As you will be enjoying your freedom outside of jail, you have to meet various conditions.

Also known as the conditions of release, bail conditions ensure that a defendant avoids violating the law when released to society. For instance, you may be asked not to speak to an alleged victim of a crime of domestic violence. The court may also require you to obey all state and federal laws. Violating any condition may make the judge revoke your bail and order your arrest and detention in jail.

Paying the Bail Amount

When you hire a bail bonds company, you may pay bail through a bond, which guarantees the payment of your full bail amount. Other means of posting bail include using check or cash for the full bail amount or securing property that is worth your full bail amount. A payment waiver on the condition that you will show up in court in the recommended time can also help grant you a temporary jail release.

A Riverside bail bond may cost you 10 percent of your full bail amount. You may find a bail bond as an ideal alternative to cash bail if you are not in a position of affording the bail amount. Apart from asking for a nonrefundable fee, the bail bond agent may request you to give collateral. When you offer the bail bonds company collateral, you will be giving out a financial interest in your valuable property. The valuable property could be jewelry, real estate property, or a car.

If the bail bond agent cannot find you once you fail to show up in court, the agent may cash in on your collateral. Courts usually forfeit the bond if a defendant does not appear in court. Your bail bond agent will recover the forfeited bond by selling the valuable property you used as collateral.

Protecting the Bail Bond

We stand to lose a lot of cash by transacting with defendants who cannot raise cash bail. Our company has the authorization (under California's state law) to find clients who skip their Bail Bonds and have them arrested. We work with bounty hunters to locate these clients and return them to the relevant government authorities within the required time.

Bounty hunters operate as entities or individuals authorized by bail bond companies to arrest clients who skip bond and return them to the authorities. A small percentage of the bail bond amount is paid to the bounty hunter if they successfully apprehend and deliver the delinquent clients. Missing your scheduled court date would be a bad idea, especially if you were released on bail and do not have a valid reason for skipping the date.

Advantages of Seeking Riverside Bail Bonds

Most people value the convenience and reliability that bail bonds offer when they are locked up in jail awaiting trial. Contacting a Riverside bail bond agency may be a good idea if you cannot raise the full bail amount. Once you seek a bail bond, here are the benefits you will derive from the service:

Spend Less Time in Jail

Spending time in jail can prevent you from showing up at work or school or being with your family members when they need you. Hiring a bail bond agent to bail you out of jail can help you reduce the time spent in jail. You will have more time to prepare your case and interact with your loved ones.

Save Money

You may find it hard to raise the bail amount when you or your loved one is placed under police custody for allegedly committing a crime. A court may also set a high bail amount after considering you as a high-risk defendant. Instead of selling your most valuable items, reaching out to a bail bond company would be a brilliant idea.

Get Time to Meet with Your Lawyer

Preparing for a criminal case is much easier when you are out of jail than when you are locked up in jail. While in police custody, you will have limited time to meet with your lawyer and witnesses who may help you argue the criminal charges. Once you are released on bail, you will have the chance to meet hire a good lawyer and discuss the prospects of your case with the legal counsel. Your best hope to fight the charges lies in your level of preparedness.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Riverside Bail Bonds

We are committed to helping clients secure their pretrial release in the fastest and most convenient way possible. We usually advise clients on our type of bail bonds and other options they can explore to benefit from our services. Below are responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding Riverside bail bonds:

Is a Bail Bond Company Liable for a Defendant’s Whereabouts?

A bail bond agent is responsible for a defendant who has secured a pretrial release through a bail bond. The responsibility will be nullified after the court discharges or dismisses your case. Furthermore, the bail bond company will have no liability or authority on the penalties the court gives you once you are found guilty of a crime.

Can the Court Reinstate Your Bail Amount?

If your bail amount was recently revoked, the court might decide to reinstate it. You must pay a reinstatement fee for processing the amount if your bail has not been forfeited. The court will require your bail bond agent to submit a liability or re-assumption liability for the reinstatement.

Find a Reliable Riverside Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

One way you can secure your pretrial release is by having a bail bonds company to post bail for you. Fausto’s Bail Bonds may be an ideal choice for you if you are in custody in Riverside, CA. Our goal is to make your pretrial release convenient and efficient for you to have time to prepare your case. Call 951-787-1800 to have us post bail for you or your loved one.