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If you have been apprehended and charged with a crime, you can remain in jail until the end of the case or obtain pretrial release. Defendants arrested for minor crimes are usually released on their own recognizance, but those with serious offenses could be required to post bail before being released awaiting trial. Bail is paid to discourage you from leaving town or skipping court hearings. The sum you deposit is enormous, so if you need financial help paying bail in Wildomar, Fausto's Bail Bonds is available.

Overview of Bail

Bail means the release of an apprehended individual awaiting the close of the charges. You have three options when apprehended on the wrong side of the law. You can be discharged on your recognizance.

Alternatively, the prosecutor can file charges, but you are later released on bail. The other option is being charged and remaining in jail until the case ends. Bail is when a defendant is released pending a determination of guilt. It also refers to the funds the judicial system charges to assure the court that you will return as ordered until the judge issues a verdict. 

The judge or arresting cop relies on the Riverside County bail schedule to confirm the fees you should deposit as bail for the release. You can pay in cash as a lump sum or utilize a property bond. When using a property bond, ensure its equity is twice the bail value to be accepted in return for your discharge from jail.

When you attend all the required hearings, and the case closes, the court will refund your bail cash. However, the money will come to your account later. You will wait twelve weeks after a verdict is issued to obtain a refund. You are encouraged to attend all proceedings, failing which you will forfeit your property bond and cash bail.

Police and prosecutors sometimes file serious charges even when the circumstances leading to the arrest differ. The court could reduce or dismiss the charges as the case proceeds. Because of these charges, the judge can set a hefty bail, making raising funds upfront challenging. At this point, your Wildomar bail bonds will provide financial support by paying bail on your behalf for a jail discharge.

Wildomar Bail Bonds

Also called a surety bond, a bail bond is a sum your Wildomar bondsman deposits with the judicial system to guarantee court attendance pending trial. Where you have problems consolidating the cash bail, your Wildomar bail bonds company will chip in and offer financial assistance. A knowledgeable bondsman understands your family's challenges and stresses when they cannot raise bail.

Again, when behind bars, you cannot take good care of your children, provide for family needs, and spend time with your loved ones. If you want to unite with your family the fastest way possible, bail is the way to go. Nevertheless, the figures you must pay are high, so you need a bondsman to pay for you.

Wildomar Bail Bonds Price

Cash bail is too expensive for many defendants in Wildomar to afford. The figures are in thousands of dollars, which you could rarely have lying around waiting for this kind of emergency. You will be forced to borrow money to stay in the bank without generating revenue or improving your living standards.

Bail bonds help you secure your property while reducing the cost of the charges. Your bondsman provides coverage for your financial deficits to prevent you from remaining in jail for months or even years before the judge gives a ruling in a trial. Riverside County has a predetermined bail schedule to provide bail figures for most crimes. However, the judge can lower or increase the figure based on the nature of your case.

Also, the fees your bondsman can charge for their Wildomar bail bonds agency are set by the California insurance department at 10%. Some surety bond companies offer discounts, primarily if you have an attorney defending you against the charges. The fee is non-refundable and helps offset the costs incurred in obtaining and managing the money deposited in court.

Lastly, your bondsman charges a fee to cover the risk of forfeiting the money if you skip bail. Further, it covers expenses like staff salaries, insurance, taxes, and rent. Therefore, if you are depositing $50,000 to be discharged, you will only pay your bondsman $5,000, and they will pay the entire figure.

How Wildomar Bail Bonds Operate

Your surety bond process begins when you reach out to a bondsman to help secure the release of a loved one from jail. Once you have discussed the terms of the surety bond, paid the premium fee, and signed the contract, you will be discharged from custody even before the case begins once a bondsman deposits the bail with the court.

Bail Determination

Arresting cops always want the judge to arrive at a significantly higher bail than the bail schedule provisions. However, the officer only makes a recommendation based on the bail schedule figures, and it is up to them to change it when necessary.

Because of inflation, the figure relied on previously has significantly increased. Therefore, judges take time to evaluate past bail and factor in inflation to ensure that the sum reflects the same conditions as previously. The court will increase bail if they consider you a flight risk. They do so to make it challenging to forfeit significant amounts of money to avoid attending court.

Some offenses have high absenteeism rates, while defendants with certain criminal records are likely to jump bail. Therefore, when setting bail, the judge considers the crime's severity, criminal record, and financial muscle.

Estimating Bail Bonds

Irrespective of your bail's cost, we at Fausto's Bail Bonds are ready to make it affordable through our bondsmen. You will only pay your bondsman 10% of the bail total, and within hours you will be free to go home.

Your Wildomar bail bonds agency will have a surety bond calculator that estimates your expenses. You need to key in the bail total the judicial system wants you to deposit to learn the sum you will pay your bondsman. However, this calculator does not consider the collateral the bondsman will demand or other expenses. Therefore, if you have problems estimating bail, feel free to ask a bondsman for a more accurate price quotation, listing all the services you need and their costs. That way, you can plan your budget better.

Consolidating the premium fee of thousands of dollars can be challenging for many defendants. Therefore, your bondsman must provide ways to finance the premium, including making monthly installments once you are discharged from custody. Ensure you discuss and pick a payment plan that suits your financial needs to avoid straining your finances or extending costs spread over the years.

The Process of Posting Wildomar Bail Bonds

Bail comes in the thousands or even more, explaining why many defendants in Riverside County opt to deposit bail. Once you pay the premium fee and the contract is signed, the bondsman will pay the money, and the defendant will be free.

However, you must deposit collateral, mainly if the bail is huge. The most commonly accepted collateral is real property, as personal items like jewelry can quickly vanish. Personal property is only considered collateral if you have a unique artwork collection. 

When the judge forfeits bail, your Wildomar bail bonds company will sell the collateral to recover the amounts lost.

It would help if you understood that third parties pay most bail bonds for the arrestees. Therefore, when helping an arrestee secure a surety bond, you should know that you have become a co-signer. As the co-signer, you are responsible for the defendant and should ensure they comply with all pretrial discharge conditions. If the defendant skips town, your bondsman will try to locate them, and if they cannot, they will turn to you for a refund of the forfeited funds. And when you cannot afford to pay them, they will seize the collateral and auction it to recover their funds.

Nevertheless, before all this, the bondsman will hire a bounty hunter to find the accused and bring them to court. Only after they have exhausted their options and lost the money to the court will they come after the security.

Misdemeanor and Felony bail Schedules

Riverside County's "bail schedule" framework provides predetermined surety bond figures for various crimes or charges. If you are detained at the Riverside County Sheriff's Office, the arresting cop will use the annual bail framework for your pretrial discharge from custody.

The court magistrate handling your case will request that the bail assistant provide the sum in the schedule. The assistant will inform the judge of the figure and if you have a record of skipping court.

Hiring a defense attorney immediately after arrest is encouraged because they will attempt to convince the court to release you on your own recognizance. However, if it is impossible, your loved ones must check the county's annual schedule to know the figure they will deposit.

The average bail sum for a felony offense without a predetermined bail on the framework is $10,000. If a misdemeanor crime is not on the schedule, you should pay $2,500 to be discharged. The bail sum for wobbler offenses, chargeable as misdemeanors or felonies, is half the bail figure for a felony count.

In the booking phase, the booking officer sets bail equivalent to that of a serious felony if your offense is a wobbler. Bail is imposed on arrests conducted without warrants.

The schedule has several guidelines that you or the third party posting bail for the accused must understand. If the current crime occurred while you were out on bail for another offense, the bail amount on the schedule would be doubled, whether the count is a felony or misdemeanor.

Similarly, when charged with multiple offenses, the arresting cop or the judge will use the amount provided for the most severe charge to set bail. Your bail will be enhanced if you commit a hate offense or if an individual has suffered physical injuries because of your illegal actions.

Lastly, bail will be doubled if you have a record of domestic violence or a violation of protective orders.

Benefits of Wildomar Bail Bonds

Bail is expensive, and even a minor felony charge can result in six figures in bail. Furthermore, you cannot choose to remain in custody until trial because you have a family, children who depend on you, a job to be done, or a business to operate. You cannot stay in custody even for a week because many people will suffer.

Your Wildomar bail bonds provider will do their best to secure your discharge, no matter the bail figure. They will charge you a premium fee and, in exchange, provide you with the guidance, information, and money you need to reunite with your family. With these services, you can leave jail swiftly, even without your family members noticing, because professional bondsmen are discreet.

Bail Reinstatement

Even when you fail to attend scheduled proceedings, the court can reinstate the forfeited money if you have logical reasons for the absenteeism. If you had a medical emergency or had been arrested in another jurisdiction, your bail will be reinstated. When this happens, you will be discharged from custody, and if you comply with the release conditions until a verdict is issued, you will receive your cash back.

Bail Refund

Once you have met all bail conditions, your bondsman will discharge your collateral and remove any interest on your real property. Whatever the case, there is no refund for the premium.

Court and Jail Information

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