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Bail is a security deposit with the court for a pretrial discharge after an arrest. Your right to bail is provided for under the Eighth Amendment. Bail sums must be reasonable. However, the court sometimes imposes excessive amounts that defendants cannot afford. Luckily, Fausto's Bail Bonds address the problem of excessive bail in San Jacinto. Our bondmen offer bond services at a fee for a streamlined and cost-effective jail discharge pending trial.

Bail Bond Overview

The financial guarantee you give to the court to ensure you will appear for scheduled hearings for a crime is known as bail. After an arrest in Riverside County, the apprehending officer will take you to the nearest San Jacinto Police Station for booking and processing.

Typically, you will exit jail after detention by depositing the bail set by the judge. Sometimes the police can even rely on the Riverside County bail schedule to determine your bail and discharge you before a court appearance.

Only a few defendants can raise cash bail, which is why San Jacinto bail bonds come in. A bail or surety bond is a financial security a bondsman pays for you to obtain a discharge without paying the entire bail. Your bail bonds firm is an insured business that guarantees your pretrial discharge by promising the court to pay the entire bail if you miss court as arranged. In return, you pay the company a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the bail figure. Even if the fee is non-refundable, it saves you a great deal because you could have paid the total bail running into six figures without the surety bond service.

Apart from guaranteeing a pretrial discharge, the bail bond company will assist you in navigating the court process, offer you convenience in exiting jail, and give you peace of mind.

Benefits of Partnering with San Jacinto Bail Bonds

You can derive several benefits from partnering with a surety bond service. These are:

  1. Reduced Embarrassment and Enhanced Treatment

When you have a case to answer in court after an arrest for a crime, you must navigate the bail process, which is intimidating and embarrassing, mainly when you cannot consolidate the bail figure.

Your San Jacinto bail bonds service lessens the embarrassment by offering the financial support you need for a discharge pending trial and ensuring the justice system treats you better. The law requires bondmen to protect their clients by:

  • Educating them on their rights.
  • Making sure clients obtain fair treatment by the court.
  • Protecting the privacy of clients.
  • Helping clients navigate the court system.

When you have experienced bondmen in your corner, you will worry less about the pressure and embarrassment linked with criminal charges. You will receive fair treatment and have your rights protected.

  1. Prompt Jail Discharge

Every arrestee behind bars is looking for a quick pretrial discharge. The easiest way to achieve this is by hiring a bondsman. These professionals will speed up your discharge as you await the arranged court hearings. The advantage of leaving jail sooner is that it gives you sufficient time to hire a competent private attorney to help you prepare for trial. Therefore, if you or a family member is behind bars in Riverside, talk to Fausto’s Bail Bonds. Our San Jacinto bondsmen will start working on the pretrial discharge immediately.

  1. A Team of Bondsmen is Better than Doing It Yourself

It can be tempting to go it alone after an arrest and detention for a crime. Above all, why must you pay a fee to leave jail when you can use your money and obtain a refund at the end of the case?

The fact remains that partnering with a bondsman is better. The reasons you should work with a surety bond company are:

  • These professionals have the knowledge and capital necessary to exit jail.
  • Bondsmen understand the bail arrangement and can assist you in navigating it with ease for a prompt discharge.
  • A bond company will give you the financial support you need.
  • A bail bond is more affordable than selling property or taking out a loan to pay cash bail.

Therefore, do not do it alone if you want a pretrial jail exit. Partner with a surety bondsman.

  1. Simplifies the Process of Locating an Arrestee

If it is a friend, colleague, or family member that is behind bars, it can be challenging to locate them. However, when you hire a bondsman, they will simplify the process. Licensed, insured, and accredited bondsmen have contacts in all Riverside Jails, meaning they only need the official name of the arrestee, and after a few phone calls, they will know where your loved one is being detained.

  1. Surety Bonds Save You Funds

If you face criminal charges, you know that you must put up an aggressive defense to avoid a conviction. Your focus should be to leave jail and prepare the money to hire a competent defense attorney. When you spend all your cash on bail, you will have little or nothing left to hire a reputable private attorney, compromising your defense.

Nevertheless, when you rely on a surety bonds service, they will pay bail for you, helping you save money to hire a competent attorney. These professionals only need you to pay a small portion of the bail as a premium, and they will cover the rest. The money that could have otherwise gone into paying cash bail will be saved to hire a legal team to fight the charges.

  1. A Bondsman will Save you Time

Criminal charges can take months or years to be resolved. This is a long time to stay behind bars, mainly when you cannot consolidate bail. Nevertheless, with a profound bondsman by your side, you will leave jail quickly, regardless of the bail set, and start preparing for trial. The company will deposit the funds for you, so you will not have to spend time in jail while you try to consolidate the bail.

  1. Bondsmen Offer Convenience

Your San Jacinto bail bonds dealer will offer you convenience and security. Raising six figures for bail can be challenging for your loved ones, and it could take weeks or months, meaning more time in jail. A surety bond service offers security by guaranteeing the court that they will be financially responsible for the total bail when you skip trial. In return, your family only has to consolidate a small, non-refundable charge for the services offered by the bondsman.

Also, because your bondsman is available around the clock, they will offer you convenience if you need their services. If an arrest happens at night or during the weekend, you do not have to wait until they are open to exit jail. The bondsmen are only a phone call away.

Bailing Someone Out of a San Jacinto Jail

The time it takes to exit jail depends on the type of charge, the detention facility, and the arrestee's cooperation. Generally, a discharge can take a few hours or even days. The steps involved in the release are:

  • Jail booking and processing.
  • Bail determination.
  • Bail posting.
  • Discharge from custody.

Various jails have their own discharge policies and protocols. The time it takes to bail an arrestee out varies based on the detention center and other aspects. Check with your bondsman or the jail where an arrestee is detained to know the duration to have them discharged.

Violation of Bail Discharge Conditions

The court grants you a pretrial discharge on the promise that you will report or be present for all scheduled court proceedings. When you violate these terms and jump bail, the consequences are severe. The consequences you should expect are:

Bail Forfeiture

If you deposited bail in cash, you will not receive a refund if you violate bail conditions. The court retains the funds. However, when you attend all hearings as requested, the court of law will refund your money minus any court fees imposed. If you used a bail bond, any property you had deposited as collateral will be forfeited.

You Will Repay Your San Jacinto Bail Bonds the Bail Money Deposited for Your Discharge

When you rely on a bondsman for your discharge pending trial, they will lose their money when you jump bail. In writing, the court will inform the company of your bail violation by skipping scheduled hearings and bail default.

The bondsman will have time to track you down and put you in jail. If this does not happen, the bail will be forfeited, and the company will lose its money. If this happens, the bondsman will come after you, demanding a full refund. You have now spent money on the nonrefundable fee to hire the bondsman. So, you will lose the fees and, at the same time, repay the entire bail to the company.

You Will Receive a Bench Warrant

If you miss court and fail to inform your bondsman or the court of the reasons for missing, the presiding magistrate will issue a bench warrant. The order can be for contempt of court or failure to appear (FTA). The judge issues the order for your arrest for FTA or violating court orders by missing child support disbursements, violating probation terms, or not completing outstanding court financial fines.

The purpose of a bench warrant is to ensure you report to the court when asked to. When you fail to show up in court, an employee of the court prepares the necessary paperwork and presents it to a magistrate. If the magistrate approves the warrant, they communicate it to all law enforcement departments to enforce the arrest.

The court will also mail a copy of the order to you. Once you receive it, you can present yourself in court or disregard it and risk being arrested and incarcerated until the case's conclusion.

Court Fines and Incarceration

The most severe punishment for jumping bail is a court fine and jail incarceration. The incarceration can last a few days or even years, depending on the circumstances.

Additionally, you will feel the pain of paying hefty court fines that could run into the thousands. Also, you could face an additional jail sentence for FTA on top of the jail sentence for the baseline crime.

Separate and Additional Criminal Charges

When you skip court, you risk charges for FTA, contempt of court, and bail jumping. FTA in California is a misdemeanor. If you were released on a bond, skipping court when you are expected to be present will result in jumping bail charges, which the prosecutor files as a misdemeanor or felony based on the circumstances.

Disregarding court instructions is known as contempt of court, a misdemeanor.

If the court finds you guilty or you agree to a plea bargain on these separate charges, the presiding magistrate will impose a sentence. Being absent from court when you are expected to appear shows contempt for the justice system and can push the judge to impose harsh penalties.

Bail Revocation or Discharge Condition Modification

If you skip scheduled court proceedings, the magistrate can order you to pay a larger bail. Alternatively, you can forfeit any funds paid as a bond to the court in exchange for your pretrial release.

Sometimes the court discharges individuals on their own recognizance. If the court had discharged you earlier on personal recognizance, violating release conditions would have seen the court set bail for your discharge from custody pending trial.

The harshest punishment you will face for jumping bail is bond revocation. If you have cleared the initial bail, the court can increase the figure or withdraw the bail option entirely. Very few bondmen will be willing to offer their services to someone who has previously violated bail terms. So, if you do not find someone to finance your release or your bail is revoked, you will remain in jail until the judge rules on your case.

However, a bond revocation is rare and only happens if the magistrate establishes that your FTA was deliberate. The decision to revoke bail means there are no conditions the court could impose that could guarantee future court appearances.

Court and Jail Information

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Superior Court of California, County of Riverside

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