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You do not have to remain behind bars after an arrest since you can secure a release through bail. Bail acts as a guarantee that you will return to court for your trial. However, before you can secure the release, you must post bail in cash, use your property as collateral, or use a bail bond. Posting bail in cash can be expensive and difficult for many arrestees. Therefore, using a bail bonds company may be your only option for securing your loved one’s release. A bail bonds company will provide the finances you need to post your bail at an affordable fee. If you are looking for reliable and efficient bail bond services in Corona, CA, get in touch with us at Fausto’s Bail Bonds so that we can help secure your loved one/ your freedom.

Overview of Bail

Bail is the amount of money a person must pay in exchange for a release from jail before their trial. After your arrest, you will be booked in a jail cell where you must remain until you post bail or your case is concluded. Your bail can be set on your arrest warrant or by the judge within 24 hours of your arrest. When your crime is minor, the arresting officer could release you with a citation requiring you to show up in court. In other cases, you will attend a bail hearing where the judge determines your bail amount.

The first source of authority that a judge relies on when setting your bail is the bail schedule. In California, each county has its bail schedules. A bail schedule is a list that indicates all crimes and the recommended bail amount for each. For all felonies and misdemeanors that could be charged under the Insurance Code, Penal Code, Business and Professional Code, or other violations of criminal law, bail amounts are indicated.

You can only post the bail amount on the schedules before your appearance before the judge. However, the bail schedule is just a guide, and the judge may adjust the amounts depending on the specific factors of your case. Calculation of your bail amount begins with the dollar amount on the bail schedule. If you are in jail for more than one offense, the judge will start your bail adjustment with the highest bail amount for the specific crimes. However, if there are multiple victims of your crimes, the judge may combine the bail amounts for all your crimes.

After establishing the amount on the schedules, the judge will consider several enhancements which can increase or decrease your bail. For example, if you committed a crime to enhance gang activities, your bail would be increased. Also, your criminal history and flight risk may play a part in setting your bail.

Types of Bail Available In Corona

Bail amounts are often high for most people. However, bail is not a punishment for your crimes, and you can recover the money as long as you appear for trial. There are several types of bail, and they include:

Cash Bail

Paying a cash bail is done by presenting the full bail amount to the court clerk before a defendant is released. You can pay a cash bail using a cashier’s check or money order. Posting cash bail is a quick and efficient way to secure a defendant’s release. However, the court may fail to accept your bail if the judge or prosecutor suspects that the funds used to post bail were obtained feloniously. If this happens, you have the responsibility to prove that the source of your funds is legitimate.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are part of the legal system that allows a defendant to be released from jail to continue with their lives before trial. Bail bonds are the amount of money paid to the court by a bail bond agent to secure a defendant’s release. Often, bail bonds are an excellent option for defendants who cannot afford to post bail. When you contact a bail bonds company, they will send a bail bond agent to guide you through the bail process.

Before you contact the bail bond agent, you need to have details regarding the defendant’s arrest, personal information, and the jail where they are held. This will help speed up the bail payment process and the release of your loved one. Before deciding to post bail for a defendant, the agent will assess your ability to pay for the bail bond services. Also, the defendant’s likelihood of skipping bail will play a part in the decision of the bail bond agent.

The bail bondsman will charge you 10% of the total bail amount as a fee for their services. This lessens the financial burden you have to shoulder when securing the release of your loved one from jail. In addition, when you seek bail bonds for a defendant, you are considered a bail bond co-signer. As a co-signer, you are responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears in court as scheduled.

In addition to paying the service fee for a bail bond, the bail bonds company may require you to provide collateral for the bail bond. In this case, collateral may be in real estate or another valuable item. When the defendant appears for trial, and the case ends, the bail bond agency will release the lien they have on your property. However, when the defendant skips bail, the item you used as collateral will be sold out to ensure that the company recovers its money.

Lack of enough money to cover the bail bond premium should not discourage you from seeking bail bonds. The agent can help you develop a payment plan. This allows you to pay a deposit for the premium and cover the rest in manageable installments. The higher the deposit you can come with, the higher the likelihood of entering the repayment plan. 

Federal Bail Bonds

When you are arrested and charged for a crime in Federal court, you may secure a release through federal bonds. Unfortunately, there is much confusion surrounding bail in the Federal court, and few people have the knowledge and background to assist you. Unlike in the local court, where a Corona bail bonds agent can run to jail and have someone released, the bail process in Federal court takes a while. The judge or magistrate will determine your bail and individuals who qualify to become a surety for the bond when setting your bail.

You can post cash bail or use a property bond to secure a release with pending charges in federal court. However, a financial investigation is always carried out in the Federal court to determine the source of the bail money. This often delays the bail process and your release. Often bail for Federal charges is very high, and you may need the services of a bail bond agent. Due to the complexity of the federal bond, you will need a bail bond agent who understands the federal bail process. The bail bond premium for federal bonds is higher than that of a standard bail bond. Also, collateral is required to guarantee the bond.

If you are released from jail on federal, the judge will attach some strict bail conditions like travel restrictions and mandatory drug testing, which you must follow while out on bail. If you fail to appear for trial or violate one of the bail conditions, you can be rearrested and your bail forfeiture. In addition, if you use bail bonds, the bail bond agent may employ the services of a bounty hunter to find you and take you back to jail if you attempt to flee.

Bail Denial

In California, many criminal defendants are entitled to a release from jail through bail as long as they can pay the bail amount. However, it is essential to understand that juvenile offenders cannot post bail. Instead, a minor will attend a detention hearing where the judge, with insight from the probation officer, will decide to release the child or hold them in the juvenile hall awaiting the juvenile case hearing.

As an adult offender, the judge can deny your bail for any of the following reasons:

Severe Crimes

The severity of your charges is one of the most significant reasons why a judge can deny your bail. If you are charged with a particularly violent crime, like rape, armed robbery, or murder, it may be difficult for you to make bail. When a defendant faces serious charges, the court views them as an increased flight.

Repeat Offense

You may have difficulty securing a release on bail if you have a history of criminal convictions in California. Being a repeat offender may suggest that you are not open to reforms even after previous convictions. Any judge who views your request for bail could look at it with disregard and may not trust you to return for your hearing if they release you on bail. Although it may not seem fair for individuals who have made mistakes in the past, you have a responsibility to use your freedom wisely and keep away from crime.

History of Missing Court Dates

If you are released from jail on bail, you are responsible for showing up for trial and other court proceedings. If you have failed to show up to court on other occasions or have a history of violating other court orders, your bail could be denied. Having a history of missing court dates puts you in a bad light and exposes an inability to take basic levels of responsibility.

Flight Risk

A defendant’s flight risk is one of the most significant factors a judge considers when setting your bail. Flight risk is a defendant’s likelihood of fleeing to avoid the consequences of a conviction for their crimes. One of the factors that could indicate that a defendant is a flight risk is the lack of community ties. For example, if you do not have family or a stable job in the jurisdiction of your arrest, you may be tempted to skip bail. Also, decedents facing severe charges are considered a flight risk and are likely to be denied bail.

Threat to the Public

When the court allows a defendant to post bail, they aim to enable them to go home and protect other members of the community. Often, bail is given to individuals who are not a threat to public safety. Suppose a judge believes that your release on bail could harm other individuals. You may be considered a threat if you face charges for violent felonies or a crime of domestic violence. At your bail hearing, you have the responsibility to convince the judge that you are not a flight risk.

Jail and Court Information if you are Arrested in Corona

You may be detained in the following jails after an arrest in Corona, CA:

Coro Jail

730 Public Safety Way

Corona, CA 92880


California Institute for Women

16756 Chino-Corona Rd,

Corona, CA 92880


Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange St

Riverside, CA 92501


Some of the courts Serving Corona, CA include:

Corona Court

505 S Buena Vista Ave

Corona, CA 92882


Court St. Legal

420 N McKinley St

Corona, CA 92879


Find a Reliable Corona Bail Bonds Company Near Me

You can secure a release from jail through a citation release, own recognizance, or by posting bail. Posting bail is one of the most common ways. Unfortunately, bail amounts are often very high, making it difficult for many arrestees to post bail. Failure to post bail means the arrestee will remain behind bars until the case is concluded, which can take a while. Fortunately, there is another way through which you can post bail, which is enlisting the services of a bail bonds company.

A bail bond agency will provide the money needed to post your bail on short notice. In addition to posting your bail, a bail bond agent will guide you through the challenging bail process. The bail bond agent assumes responsibility for your court appearances by posting your bail. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we understand that the bail process is challenging, and that is why we work hard to provide the financial help you need. Contact our Corona bail bonds agents today at 855-328-7867 for assessment and guidance to secure your loved one’s release.