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An accused would want to be released from custody as quickly as possible to protect their jobs, care for their families, and plan for court appearances for their defense. Depending on the circumstances, court proceedings might be several weeks or months. Thus, it is reasonable that individuals would not like to put their life on hold as they wait for a court appearance or trial.

At Fausto's Bail Bonds, we understand all these concerns, and it is in our best interest to help you through the process. We have local bail bonds agents in Hemet to ensure you access fast bail bonds services; so get in touch with us as soon as possible.

What Happens After an Arrest?

Following an arrest, the suspect is transported to jail or police custody, where they will be booked. The attending officer records personal information like the address and fingerprints during the booking. The officer further examines the arrestee’s criminal history to determine whether they are currently facing a court case, whether they have a history of defying court orders, and the nature of any previous convictions. This helps determine whether or not the defendant can be bailed out and, if so, how much bail amount they will have to put up.

Only after the arrest (and before detention in jail) can a defendant contact a bail bond firm, a friend, or a relative to inform them of the circumstances. Nevertheless, if the crime committed was minor, the jail might release the arrestee after signing an agreement promising to appear in court.

Understanding Bail Bonds

A defendant can get out of jail pending their trial date by posting a bail bond with the jail. If a defendant cannot post bail, they will be detained until their next court appearance. You may be able to pay the entire bail sum yourself in some jurisdictions and conditions. There are several offenses for which the bail amount is relatively low. The facility might charge a fee to defendants if it allows electronic payments.

Getting out of jail is another challenge for defendants who can pay their bail amount. Your personal belongings may be confiscated when you're detained. Large sums of money could be used as proof. Credit cards are not accepted in all jails. A high price is typically associated with it if they do. That is why you might consider the services of a professional Hemet bail bonds agency to help bail you out.

Using an agency allows you to save money by paying a fraction of the bail upfront, usually a 10% premium. Bail agents are often contacted by family members or friends of the defendant.

If you want to work with a bond agent, they will draft a contract that spells out your responsibilities regarding the defendant's attendance at all court hearings. If they fail to appear, you will be liable for the entire bail sum.

Types of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are not all written in the same way. Frequently, the circumstances necessitate the use of specialized forms of bail bonds. When deciding if a bond is suitable for a given situation, many factors are taken into account, including the alleged offense or crimes, the defendant's previous criminal history, and the area where they were arrested and held.

Secured/ Property Bonds

Property bonds, also known as "Secured Bonds," are required as a pledge for the defendant to be able to appear in court. The court retains this collateral lien until the case's conclusion, and it is restored to the plaintiff provided the defendant appears in court on the scheduled date. According to most courts, there must be at least twice as much equity in the property as there is in the bond. This sort of bond may take a while to be approved because a professional business must value the property used as collateral for the bail, and the defendant must submit the resulting paperwork to the courts. This bond form is often reserved for high-profile cases with large bond amounts.

Unsecured Bond

In contrast to secured bail bonds, unsecured bonds are not covered by a fee or lien on real property, as the name implies. There is no need to pay anything upfront. Instead, the defendant signs a contract with the court, agreeing to pay the court the bail bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in court on the scheduled day. This is known as the "bail bond agreement."

Cash Bond

A cash bond is one where the bail is paid in full using cash, a verified check, credit or debit card payments, money orders, or another payment method based on the jurisdiction where the defendant is arrested. If the defendant shows up in court on the scheduled date, they will receive the bail money within 2–6 weeks after the conclusion of the court proceedings.

Surety Bond

Surety bonds are posted on the defendant's behalf by bail bond agents in return for a fee equivalent to ten percent of the total bail amount. The bail bond agents may be held financially responsible if the defendant fails to show up for their scheduled court date. They may require security from the accused or a co-signer to pay for this expense.

Federal Bond

Defendants may be eligible for a federal bond if they have been accused of a federal felony. Federal bonds function similarly to surety bonds, except they are often more costly and are guaranteed by insurance firms rather than banks. Most of the time, these bonds are issued at a rate of 15% of the total bail amount.

Immigration Bond

In the United States, immigration bonds are a form of federal bond used to secure the release of defendants (or simply illegal immigrants) who the Immigration and Naturalization Service has held. When it comes to bail bond fees, immigration bonds might have the highest proportion, ranging from 15 percent to 20 percent. The amount is based on the degree of risk, how likely the defendant will flee to their home country, and other factors.

How a Hemet Bail Bonds Work

Because arrests can take place at any moment, bail bond firms usually are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is often possible to complete the money and paperwork electronically, significantly speeding up the transaction. As an agreement between the individual who posted bail and the defendant, this form guarantees that both parties are fully aware that they agree to be answerable for the defendant's attendance at all court appearances. The document will also cover a discussion of some collateral to guarantee that an individual shows up in court. The papers will also include information on the costs that will be charged.

When consulting a Hemet bail bond provider, they will have to know the defendant's full name, booking number, the charges for which they were arrested, and the jail address where they are now detained. After this, the bail agency will arrange for the defendant's release from custody. When the bail bondsman gets to jail, they will receive the trial date and a receipt, including all the documents associated with the case, ensuring that the bail bondsman has all of the information necessary to follow up on the case. According to the procedures and the number of people in the jail, this could take several hours.

If the offender fails to appear in any court appearances, it'll be the bail agent's responsibility to reimburse the court for the whole cost of bail. The bondsman will then hire a bounty hunter to help find the offender and return them to detention. A person who has taken out a bail bond may forfeit whatever collateral they have put up or face additional fines if the offender does not appear in court, depending on the terms of their contract with the court.

The Work of a Bounty Hunter

Fugitive status is assigned to a defendant who has employed a bail bond agent to get out of prison and flees. When this happens, the bail agency must pay the whole bond to the court. The individual who signed the contract is now accountable for settling the bail amount and any additional collateral.

When a defendant flees, the question of how they'll be apprehended and held to account remains. Here comes the bounty hunter. This trained or certified professional finds and captures fugitives for bail bond agents. Bounty hunting is illegal in four states.

Bounty hunters are paid a percentage of the defendant's bail. This usually is 10%-20% of the entire bail. This reward is awarded after the fugitive is apprehended. These professionals specialize in acquiring evidence, finding, and apprehending suspects. Bounty hunters also help the community by re-entering criminals into the legal system aside from helping bondsmen. In some states, the bounty hunter could also be the bail bondsman.

The Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is a process by which the court determines the amount of bail to be posted. The judge will look at the specifics of the case and the character of the offenses.

When it comes to jurisdictional and state regulations, many jails will have bail schedules displayed in their respective facilities. Generally, these schedules establish the benchmark for how much money is necessary depending on the charge and can typically be given directly to the jail before a bail hearing. Jailhouse bail arrangements are often set in stone and can't be changed under any circumstances.

The judge will determine the bail cost during the bail hearing. This is typically the suspect's first court appearance after their arrest. When it comes to criminal cases, judges will often make consistent conclusions regardless of the circumstances. The judge shall consider whether the offense was drug-related, violent, or nonviolent, including the defendant's character and prior criminal history. In this case, the judge will look at whether or not the defendant is a risk to society if they are freed while waiting for their court date to start.

The presence of an attorney at a bail hearing is not required for defendants to post bail. Nonetheless, having an attorney can be beneficial during a bail hearing since both the defense team and the prosecutors will get a chance to talk through the bail with the bench during the bail hearing.

At a bail hearing, a criminal defense attorney will also get the opportunity to address bail factors with the judge and, in some situations, will be able to attempt to get the bond reduced.

In certain circumstances, judges may release an offender on their recognizance. It implies that the defendant enters into a written contract with the court in which they agree to abide by the limits imposed by the court and appear in court as scheduled. There are no bail payments associated with this sort of bond, which is termed a recognizance bond.

The defendant may be able to save significant amounts due to this. A criminal defense lawyer can bargain with the court and the prosecutor to get a recognizance bond available as an alternative for the defendant in some situations. This type of connection will not be accepted as a valid option in some instances. It will vary based on the nature of the offense, the jurisdiction, and whether or not the court thinks the offender may be a danger to himself or others. Recognizance bonds will not be considered in most cases when it comes to violent crimes, gang-related offenses, and felony crimes.

Jails and Courts in Hemet

Whenever your loved one is arrested in Hemet, the chances are that he or she is in one of the correctional facilities in Hemet or its surroundings. These include:

Bautista Conservation Camp#36

33015 Bautista Canyon Road

Hemet, California 92544


Hemet Jail

450 East Latham Avenue

Hemet, California, 92543


Riverside Jail

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, Riverside, CA 92501

The courts near this region include:

Superior Court of California, County of Riverside

Hemet Courthouse

880 N. State Street

Hemet, CA 92543

Murrieta Southwest Justice Center

30755-D Auld Road

Murrieta, Riverside, CA 92563

Banning Court

155 East Hays Street

Banning, Riverside, CA 92220

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Spending more nights in custody can be stressful to both the accused and their family members. This can happen if you don’t have enough bail amount or you don’t have access to reliable bail bond services. Using professional bail bond services relieves people of the financial stress of covering the entire bail amount required. If your loved one has been arrested in Hemet, our bail bond agents at Fausto's Bail Bonds can help you. Call us at 855-328-7867 to access our reliable bail bond services.