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An arrest and detention could result in multiple challenges for suspects and their loved ones. For example, detention in a police station means that your freedom is limited so that you will have minimal interactions with your attorney and family. Most detained persons aim to leave jail as soon as possible but cannot leave because of inadequate funds. Bail amounts are often set high, so posting these becomes difficult.

Despite this, you can exit jail as soon as possible by working with a bail bonds agent. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we work hard to ensure our clients receive timely assistance to help them regain freedom. We have worked with numerous detained suspects in Blythe, California, looking to leave jail as soon as possible.

Understanding the Concept of Posting Bail

Normally, arrested persons will be detained in police custody for smooth investigation processes. This then translates to denying the arrested suspect their rights to liberty for the investigation officers’ convenience. However, the constitution allows a detained person to reclaim their freedom pending a criminal trial by release.

Subsequently, the bail concept allows detained persons to exit jail as they await an official trial by providing the court security for their release. Thus, you are required to make specified payments to serve as security for your freedom, as well as collateral in case of non-compliance with court terms.

Posting bail is a fairly straightforward process that requires the detained person to appear before a judge for determination. As a result, you want to understand the various expectations you need to meet before the actual hearing. Doing so will help you present a credible image, which is pivotal to securing fair terms of release.

As mentioned, a detained person will deposit money as a form of security to the court before receiving an authorized release. As a result, you enter the agreement form upon posting bail, whereby you pledge to adhere to court directives. In return, the court will retain the bail amount posted and return it in good faith after the trial concludes.

Conversely, failure to observe the court requirements results in forfeiture of your bail amount. Courts are authorized to retain the full bail amount when a previously arrested suspect does not adhere to regulations. If so, you cannot reclaim the money unless you present credible justifications for failing to comply with court guidelines.

Since the court-issued directives are crucial to your freedom, you want to learn of the important factors to observe. This way, you can avoid setting yourself in circumstances that could jeopardize your chances of consistent adherence. The following are important court directives to follow when released on bail:

Attend All Court Proceedings as Directed

Criminal procedure regulations require the accused person to appear in court for all proceedings, as they are the primary party in the case. The order also applies in your interest as the accused person because your absence would raise prejudice and suspicion against you. Consequently, the presiding judge may be inclined to believe that you are guilty of the accusations made against you by inference.

Hence, to avoid disadvantageous outcomes, you want to ensure that you attend all criminal court proceedings at the assigned criminal court. You can collaborate with your Blythe bail bonds agent or your attorney to help you obtain court schedules in advance. Having the information will prevent you from last-minute notices that may throw you off.

Avoid Involvement in Additional Criminal Activities

Furthermore, engaging in additional criminal activities apart from the actions you are accused of will attract more scrutiny and harsher penalties for you. The rationale behind this is that you will have demonstrated some impunity, meaning that the probability of being guilty of the first offense is high.

Placing yourself in this position will result in adverse case outcomes for most parties because the judge will have a point of reference when making their decision. As a result, the additional criminal accusations may be combined and charged as a harsher offense, resulting in harsher potential penalties.

Avoid Fleeing the Country

Some suspects may exploit their newly regained freedom and try to escape the court’s jurisdiction. This is especially common where parties were involved in the crime, meaning they anticipate a guilty verdict. Since the court’s orders cannot apply beyond its area of jurisdiction, parties flee to avoid detention and fines.

However, you should remember that trying to flee the country is counterproductive, as it proves your guilty involvement in the case. Consequently, authorities will detain you indefinitely upon catching up, on top of losing the bail amount deposited as security for your release.

The Difference Between Bail and Bond

When deciding on the most suitable payment option for you or a loved one, you can consider bail or bond agreements. The law allows detained persons to select an accessible payment option to all detained persons unless a judge orders otherwise. Hence, you want to understand the difference between bail and bond payments to help you reach an informed decision.

On the one hand, bail payments involve direct monetary deposits to the court accounts in exchange for your freedom. Many detained persons prefer posting bail because it involves fewer procedures to finalize their release. Furthermore, you have a chance to work with a Blythe bail bonds service provider to reduce the financial pressure you may otherwise face.

On the other hand, exiting jail through a bond agreement requires you to undergo several extra steps, mainly to help the court verify the validity of your transaction. This is because bond agreements require you to present property lien documents to court as security for your release.

Hence, a bond agreement requires you to present valid property registered under your name either as a sole or joint owner. The bond agreement option is available where a party cannot source cash at the earliest convenience but has property accessible to them. Nevertheless, the security documents presented to the court will give you the same access as posting bail.

Since proprietorship must be established, the court may require you to undertake additional steps to verify your rightful ownership. Hence, you may need to present purchase receipts for the presented documents or witnesses present when a sale transferred property ownership to you. Once all the details are verified, the court will retain the documents until your trial is complete.

It is noteworthy that using a bond agreement to exit jail raises the stakes, as you do not want to lose your property rights. Hence, you will need to observe all the court directives and meet requirements for the best chances of recovering full property ownership.

How to Estimate the Bail Amount Payable in Blythe

Determining the approximate bail amount required in court is made easy by consulting the bail schedule available at the police detention center you are held. Therefore, you can request the officer in charge to provide you with the schedule details after completing the booking process.

The document contains all registered charges under the California Penal Code and available corresponding bail ranges. This means you will not necessarily learn the exact amount to present in court, but only the maximum and minimum range. Nonetheless, you will have a better opportunity to prepare your finances or contact a Blythe bail bonds service provider as soon as possible.

Attending the Bail Hearing

Your court arraignment after arrest should occur within twenty-four hours per the law. The arrangement enables you to take a plea for the charges against you and learn of the judge’s determination on your release on bail. Therefore, you can request an attorney to accompany you during the hearing to increase your chances of a favorable case outcome.

As discussed, the bail schedule contains different ranges on the amount payable as bail, depending on the type of charge you face. Despite this provision, the judge retains the discretion to determine the amount payable as bail. In doing so, they consider the following factors:

  • Whether you are a repeat offender
  • The nature and severity of your offense
  • Flight risk possibilities
  • Your ability to reintegrate into your community

If the considerations present you in a positive light, you can expect to receive lenient bail orders, including paying the minimum bail amount.

Finding a Suitable Bail Bonds Agent in Blythe

Doubtless, you want to work with a qualified and experienced Blythe bail bonds agent to help you regain your freedom as soon as possible. Therefore, it is essential to have specific expectations when choosing a bail bonds service provider to work with. By doing so, you will track the progress on your or a loved one’s case and receive regular communication.

Firstly, the bail bonds company should be accessible to its clients at any time for reliability and efficiency. This includes night calls, as arrests may occur at any time. Thus, you want to work with a service provider who understands the importance of taking your call as soon as possible and starting the application process.

Moreover, the bail bonds company should incorporate transparency in its operations to ensure you understand the reasoning behind all decisions. For example, many bail bond companies will require their clients to provide a priced item or property proportional to the bail amount paid on the client’s behalf.

The items surrendered to the company will serve as collateral to the services they provide, as they put their money at risk when posting bail. Despite this, you do not have to worry about recovering your property, as the bail bonds company returns it upon the conclusion of your case.

Thus, you will only need to ensure that you comply with court directives so that the company recovers the bail amount posted. In return, you will regain your right to your property issued as collateral.

Without proper disclosure of these requirements, a client may be surprised at the demands made upfront, making it hard to collaborate with the Blythe bail bonds agent. You can avoid these setbacks by choosing a bail bonds company that values detailed communication with clients.

On top of this, the agent assigned to you should ensure they have all the necessary details before starting the bail application process with the court. For example, they should confirm your full name, date of birth, charges pressed against you, and the detention center when posting bail.

Having the correct details will prevent delays caused by inaccuracies and the need to repeat data entry processes. In return, you can expect to leave jail sooner.

Service Fees Chargeable for Bail Bond Assistance

Finally, you want to work with a Blythe bail bonds agent who discloses the expected service fees for helping you exit jail through a smoother process. Usually, a standard fee applies, giving clients a reasonable expectation of the total amount payable. The agreed fee amounts to 10% of the bail amount asked for in court. For example, if your bail was set at $70,000, you will need to pay $7000 as the service fee.

Due to this, the charges differ from one client to another, meaning that some may have to pay high fees. If so, you can request payment plans available to help you reduce the financial pressure. This way, you do not have to worry about paying a lump sum.

Jail and Court Information

If a loved one faces arrest, you can use the following jail and court information to follow up on their wellbeing and the nature of charges they face:

Riverside County Blythe Jail

260 N Spring St,

Blythe, California,

 92225, United States.


Superior Court of California, County of Riverside - Blythe Courthouse

265 N Broadway,

Blythe, California,

 92225, United States.


Blythe Police Department

 240 N Spring St,

 Blythe, California,

 9222 United States.


Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

260 N Spring St,

 Blythe, California,

92225, United States.


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Dealing with an arrest can be stressful for involved parties, especially if the bail amount required is exceptionally high. You can overcome the financial hurdles and regain your freedom by working with a bail bonds service provider who understands your plight and your need for reliable services. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, you can expect excellent services from experienced agents. To clients’ satisfaction, our team has worked with hundreds of clients looking to post bail in Blythe, California. For more details on our services, reach us today at 855-328-7867.