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Love, Marci R

Hey Brittany and Jean,

Just wanted to say thank you for believing in me when no one would. Not even my own mother. I just got sentenced last week. I received 1 year in and 3 years out. That was hard to accept for me but I stepped up and took all the charges mine or not, true or not. If I did not plead guilty to all they desired I was facing 20 years. The system needs a lot of work and isn’t always fair BUT on my 1 year in; I only served 11 days; 11 very miserable and undeserved days. I’ve stopped all contact with the losers who used me as a scape goat and they finally are all in jail where they belong.

I will always be grateful to you Brittany and Jean for bailing me out ASAP or showing up in court to bail me on new charges (Totally Bogus and False) so I could leave court and not endure the unfriendliness of our lovely sheriffs. Someday I hope they’re in my position unfairly accused and treated like dirt….. Hang Ten!

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