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What You Need to Know About No-Collateral Bail Bonds

If you are arrested, you may be looking at your bail bond options and discover that some are more desirable than others. Not everybody has a variety of funds at their disposal, and many people need to get in and out of jail quickly so that they can return to their responsibilities.

The good news is that you may not need to put up lots of collateral to secure a bail bond under certain conditions. Your mileage may vary, but understanding how to apply for a bond and under which conditions they are available will help you make good decisions for yourself.

Why Do You Need a Bail Bond?

Your bail bondsperson is essentially vouching for you in court, ensuring that you will show up when you are meant to. You can think of bail bonds as something similar to a loan. But instead of paying off your balance, you are actually showing up to court.

When you show up to court, you would typically receive your collateral back as a security measure. With a no-collateral bail bond, you would essentially skip this step.

What Is a No-Collateral Bail Bond?

A no-collateral bail bond means that you do not need to sign over property or additional money in order to secure your bail. On the other hand, skipping bond means that you are responsible for paying the remainder of the bail personally. You are responsible for putting up the money that the bail bond company used to secure your freedom.

What Is the Benefit of a No-Collateral Bail Bond?

The best thing about securing a no-collateral bail bond is that you do not need to rustle up money or find property to put on the line. This allows for more time to get back to work quickly, which ensures that you will not be let go.

Ultimately, not having to put up collateral means that you simply pay a small fee and move forward. Simply make sure to show up for your hearings to prevent having to go back to jail and paying for the bond.

How Can You Get a No-Collateral Bail Bond?

One of the first factors your bail bond agent will consider is your criminal background. They will consider whether or not you are frequently arrested and what your track record of bail is. Previous skips indicate that you are not eligible.

Next, the bond agent will consider the type of crime you are going to court for. Serious crimes are not bailed out as easily as minor offenses. Violent crimes and felonies are typically not awarded no-collateral bond.

They will also consider your credit history. Your credit history may indicate a history of failure to pay bills, which would suggest to your bonding agent that you are less likely to show up to court and pay your bail if you skip than somebody who boasts an excellent credit report.

Finally, the length of time you have been living in the area or have been employed matters too. Individuals with minimal history in the area are considered more likely to skip. Your agent wants to know that you have roots in your area. Essentially, you need a reason to stick around.

You might think of filling out the bail bond paperwork as a type of credit application. You need to demonstrate your best qualities and show why somebody should take a chance on you.

Fausto's Bail Bonds is here to help you through the struggle of meeting conditions for your bail bonds. If you have questions about bail bonds, call our office today to learn about your options.​

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